…techincally he was feeding the horses…


but that was still very nsfw of you eren and levi should stop assuming shit hah

thanks malfish for giving the eren shoves carrots up jeans throat idea because it was great omf

I am such Haikyuu trash and I’m so happy that I am. This show makes my heart swell from the storyline to the character development. You can literally relate to almost every character’s situation with something similar in your life and feel how they are feeling, and it only amplifies your desire to see them succeed and smile. I’ve cheered for Karasuno, and I’ve cried with Karasuno. 

Not to mention how amazing the friendships are here—and for some, relationships (¬‿¬) (huehuehue literally they are all my otps).

What I really like is that I don’t have hatred towards any characters. None. I love all of them. From Karasuno to Nekoma to Aoba Jousai. I’m such Oikawa trash oh dear. But not one character has made my skin crawl or my blood boil. Instead I just get passionate about Karasuno winning against their enemies or rivals. 

These days it’s pretty difficult to find a plethora of really good anime, but the couple that I’m watching so far have been really good!

BUT, Haikyuu is by far my new favorite. ^-^ I just wanted to post about it because I literally have nowhere else but Tumblr to pour out my feels about anime. So… gomen everyone who doesn’t care, just keep scrolling. But if you are a Haikyuu fan, or you reblog their stuff, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I love the fanart and the fanfics. 

My faves are Kuroo, Oikawa, Kageyama. Second faves are Hinata, Daichi, and Tanaka. OH GOD THEY ARE ALL MY FAVES OKAY BYE.