All my Party is Xillia 2 is lvl 200!

Also the ammount ofi Xillians has grow a lot on the Rp side.Just going to keep hidding my Julius Blog.

I found a youtube channel of a korean guy recording himself eating large ammounts of food, not like speed eating just real time eating like 6 packs of ramen or like 2 pizzas

its crazy

Miss Adler, I presume. 


Hey hey guys! So I’m at SacAnime this weekend in Sacramento! We did pretty good at Japan Expo selling The Royal Hylian Journal of Magical and Natural Biology. So we have a bew promotion with them! For a little extra, you can also get a poster print of an octorok, keese, or mothula! We have a limited ammount of these so tell your friends! Tell your enemies!

Also I finally broke down and got a twitter. Follow me at markerslinger and junk and listen for promotions, updates and just random junk. See you guys during the weekend!


Holy crap okay first of all thank you to all those who have followed me so suddenly. I love you all. I know a lot of it is the fallen-angel hype, but nether-the-less i feel honoured and you guys are awesome!


You guys are just the best and i hope you enjoy your stay here in the sweet pastures of my madness. ride on brothers, ride on.