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More like wanted to know how much for the crafting materials i wanted to make my own or give it a try and have no idea of a ballpark price on materials

Aha!  Well, the Connor costume I made had real leather (elk hide and cowhide), denim twill cotton fabric, cotton fabric lining, 73 buttons (11 of which were leather), three 3D printed items (hidden blade by Ammnra, tomahawk head 3D designed and printed by a friend, and bracer buckle by cebt-cosplay), two replica flintlocks ($40 each) and other sundry supplies like paint and mold making materials. The beading was donated to the costume project by another fan, sunnyxstars . The entire thing cost me about $1200 to make. It took 4 months and approx 120 hours of labor. 

The Altair costume was dyed cotton twill fabric, cotton fabric lining, three 3D printed items (hidden blade by Ammnra, bracer armor and chest strap piece by cebt-cosplay) leather (cowhide and tooling leather)and a few sundries, including mold making supplies and the weapons we purchased to replicate in said mold materials (Sword of Altair, short sword/ scimitar and throwing knives).  The entire thing cost me about $900 to make. It took 6 months and about 100 hours of labor.

Both of those figures are the materials costs only and not calculated labor costs.  Both costumes could be made for less if you worked with different textiles and purchased low cost weapons and props or made your own without creating molds and using a two part resin mix.  

The span of time (months, not actual hours) it took me could also be reduced if you don’t have to contend with working around a full time job and 2 hours of commute time daily!  LOL


Ammnra seriously makes the coolest stuff! 

I want the hidden blade that he made, and the AC jewelry he’s made and shown in this video. D; 

Connor Cosplay update April 29th, 2014

My Shapeways order  AND the belt from UbiWorkshop came in yesterday!  Two packages in one day!  

So the belt is really good quality.  The leather is nice and the buckle is metal.  It’s a sturdy piece and I’m relived at that.  

All the Shapeways pieces except the one top and center are components to the hidden blade made by Ammnra.  They will need sanding and painting and then some construction to get them together, along with a few orthodontia elastics and two magnets.  I’ll also need to get some velcro or make some straps with buckles for holding it on Noah’s arm.  

The center piece at the top is is made by cebt and is for the left vambrace.  I’ll be putting it together with some metal jump rings and more straps.  

I’m so excited!  I think I’ll bring the pieces to work tomorrow and start sanding them and maybe even painting them!


Nerd Culture Rings/Jewelry (by ammnra)

the-senator asked:

Are you making the hidden blades, or have you found a good kit for them? I'm in the planning/research stages of an Ezio costume (ACII) and have been wondering whether a good kit for his blades exist or if I'll need to fabricate those myself.

I use Ammnra’s hidden blades.  They’re the best I’ve been able to find.   I wish he’d sell his duel action prototype but it doesn’t seem like he will be.  So we have these gravity powered ones instead.  

****NOTE: It was just pointed out to me that there is a duel-action hidden blade made by someone else.  Here’s the link!  I haven’t constructed and tried this one so I can’t say whether it performs well but if anyone tries it out, please let me know what you think. I’ll be purchasing one to try soon!****

Here’s what I’d select if I were currently doing the Ezio costume.  There are Right and Left blades.  

Another option is this one, which is a little less expensive and is ambidextrous.

And the hook version for Revelations

Ammnra sells completed ones that are already constructed, painted, silvered, etc but they are significantly more expensive.  It’s worth a couple hours of effort to save the money in my opinion.  He provides thorough construction tutorials with his props so it’s not a giant mystery how to put them together and paint them.  

3D printed stuff is really durable.  I was terrified of breaking my first 3D printed item but after working so much with the products, I’ve found that it really is flexible and extremely tolerant to flexing.  Apparently you can also heat it up with a heat gun and curve pieces too! Worth the money, for sure and you end up with a quality product that is functional and really cool looking.

I wish you all the best with your cosplay!