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Amitron Beat Destruction.


Well, I finally did it. I broke on through to the other side. I got my 2018 Amitron ! This is huge ! We saved quite a bit in our 2nd borns sinus shavings because it’s last years model. That’s something Carl and I are both happy about. The belly button harness took some getting used to but now I enjoy the leeching sensation that tethering inserts. The Helmet of Confusion (tm) was VERY unbecoming and uncomfortable but my Wife is great at reliving my inner and outer thoughts of doubt and pause the HOC (tm) entertains. I’ve learned to push through the foam and flatulence inducing that the ongoing 5D retina scans brings and just get back to really driving purely for the fun of it.

Another couple drove past us in the Amitron 2019 model. As I watched the blood flow from the drivers Ears and heard the embarrassed reluctant grunts of his explosed glands I had to ask myself, “Do I wish that was me?” I answered via a fever scream, “I Love my Amitron 2018 until the day it decides to hollow me out and take my place in my domicile !”