Timelapse of the Amish raising a giant barn in under 10 hours by  Scott Miller

Ohio resident  Scott Miller shot this timelapse video earlier this year of dozens of Amish men raising a barn. The entire construction cycle takes place between 7am and 5pm(3 Minutes and 30 seconds).

—with at least an hour for lunch—and yet the bulk of the work is done by the end of the day. Amazing to see how incredibly precise

Watch the video:

If nothing else, no religion can stand in the way of fun power tools.

5 Myths You Probably Believe About Major Religions

#5. The Amish Do Not Use Technology

The Amish Ordnung stresses the concepts of modesty, necessity, productivity, and especially community. Nothing in there says anything about shunning the Internet. It’s just that the idea of sitting alone in the dark while reading dick jokes off a $2,000 glowing rectangle is pretty much their idea of hell. They’re completely cool with modern gadgetry when its use is necessary and doesn’t cause adverse effects to the community. And contrary to what you might have heard, they have nothing against electricity. They just think the public grid is bullshit, so they use home generators, solar power, and batteries instead.

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**please read & share, hopefully there will be justice for this mare**

Sharing via a Omega Horse Rescue on Facebook responsible for humanely euthanizing this mare. 

This is the end result of Amish kids drinking, driving and running a horse into the ground last night and leaving it tied in a corn field since 2am [7/17/2014]

I’ve shared my opinion on this topic before. I’m not posting to start that debate again, I’m just asking you consider donating even a dollar to this amazing rescue who stepped up for this mare and gave her a little bit of peace in her final moments. I don’t want to imagine what hell she was put through to require immediate euthanasia and my heart is broken for her and the people who had to make that choice for her. 


Eventful weekend! Went up to Pheonixville with the BF and friends to see the 3rd premiere of the Angry Video Game Nerd Movie. It was totally sold out and James was there and talked to the crowd and had a Q&A with the fans. It was freaking awesome and the movie was funny as hell. <3 LOVE AVGN. Crappy ass picture quality :( it was getting dark so you couldn’t see much outside.

Dyed my hair pink again (under the brown). Was getting tired of plain brown. I can’t go without the crazy colors long. Bonus picture of one of the amish horse and buggies we saw. We kept getting stuck behind them on the way to the premiere. THEY WERE EVERYWHERE. 


Amish family plans to build garage for Northern New York couple who returned two kidnapped Amish girls

—The girls had been abducted by a man and a woman who ultimately set them free.  The girls then made their way to the home of Jeffrey and Pamela Stinson who drove them back home.  To show their gratitude, the Amish community plans to rebuild the Stinson’s garage that burned down while they were on vacation.