I am the Master of the first and the last, and you, O’ Ali, are the master of the creation after me.I am just like you and you are just like me.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HF)

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The Birth of Ali b. Abi Talib [عليه السلام] - The Greatest Merit of the Prince of Believers

The greatest merit of Ali b. Abi Talib [عليه السلام] is the mere fact that he is the only person born in the Holy House of Allah (The Ka`bā). Here is a translated narration of the Holy Birth of the Prince of Believers (one of the many). 

Translated by your brother (if anyone wants the Arabic ask)

[Al-Kharā’ij wa Al-Jarā’ih, V.1, Pg.171] 

On the authority of Abu `Abdullah [عليه السلام], from his forefathers [عليه السلام]:

Al-`Abbās b. `Abd al-Mu`ttalib & Nāwfal b. Q`nab were sitting amongst some of Banu Hāshim, next to `Abd Al-`Azā next to the House of Allah [Meccā].

Fatima bint Asad approached the House of Allah, and stood in front of it as she was in labour as she supplicated to Allah.

They said [those sitting and looking upon Fatima]:

We noticed the door’s of the House of Allah open up for her, she entered and disappeared from our line of vision and the door closed after her and left a mark. We tried to open the door to send women after her to check up on her but we couldn’t, we concluded that this was Allah’s doing.

Fatima stayed in the House of Allah for three days & the inhabitants of Mecca spoke of her stay.

The door then opened up, and Fatima came out with Ali [عليه السلام] in her hands. She than said: For the three days that I was inside, I was eating from the food of Paradise.

When Ali [عليه السلام] saw the the Prophet [صلى الله عليه وآله] he said:

Peace be Upon You O Messenger of Allah. The Prophet smiled in the face of Ali [عليه السلام].

The Prophet [صلى الله عليه وآله] gave his tongue to Ali [عليه السلام] to feed him. After that twelve lights came out of from him.

`Ilial al-Sharā`ih, Pg.135, H.3; Ma`āni al-Akhbār, Pg.62, H.1; Amāli al-Saduq, Pg.114, H.9 … with the chain of transmission from al-Sa`d b. Jubyeer, from Yazid b. Qu`nab; al-Bihār, V.35, Pg.8, H.11 …

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This is where the real journey started, a visit to the Amir.

Crowded, and barely no room to walk, you see that golden dome, imagining it now it is hard to believe. Visiting the father, saying goodbye than telling him, come with his O’ Amir (as), I give you my allegiance now I must go renew it with Zaniab in Karbala, come with me.

This is when these words of poetry I wrote came to me, [from my full poem in my notes] after the Ziyara’t of Imam Ali (as) it basically started from this.

From Najaf to Karbala we walk …
O’ Barefoot on the hot sands we walk …
You are my love … Ya Hussain … You are my eyes … Ya Hussain


My journey starts from Al-Najaf, visiting your father Ali
When I start walking from Najaf, I feel that your father joins me
Your mother Zahra also comes, she protects your Zuw’ar surely
Zahra holds her ribs as she walks to your shrine and calls Habibi 

O’ Who understands this love but God …
Loving Hussein’s more precious than Gold …
You are my love … Ya Hussain … You are my eyes … Ya Hussain 

To 'Some' who deny Tabara as in 'Shia of today'

From Isma`il al-Ju`fi. He said:
I said to Abu Ja`far (as): A man who loves Amir Al-Mu’mineen (as) but does not do bara’a from his enemies, and he says: He [Imam Ali (as)] is more beloved to me from those who opposed him.

So Imam (as) said: This is a confused (person) and he is an enemy, so do not pray behind him, not at all, unless you fear him.

Source: Man la Yahzarul Faqih Vol.1 Pg.380, Wasail-us-Shia Vol.8 Pg.309