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The original anime ran from 92-97. This begs the question: Were the girls SNES or Genesis fans, and PS1 or N64 fans?

I felt this was a perfect question for Hubby’s input, so I read it out to him. His immediate response was, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN PS1 OR N64?! WHAT ABOUT THE SATURN, YOU—”

And then he regained his composure. So let’s see what he has to say!

Well first he asked me which of the girls I thought would have a game system. I can’t see Rei having one. I don’t think Ami’s mother would’ve allowed one, even if Ami wanted it. Particularly as I headcanon Mako and games, I can’t see her wasting her money. And while Minako would LOVE to have a home video game system, it would be among the first things her parents would confiscate from her for sneaking out late, or bad grades, or just any one of a thousand Minako things.

Which leaves only Usagi.

We both agree that Usagi would totally have the Super Famicom (SNES outside of Japan). She’d be drawn by the more colourful games, and the allure of the characters she already loved like Mario and Kirby. The Genesis (Mega Drive in Japan) was more the hip, cutting edge system, so Minako would like that. If Minako could have one. Which she can’t.

The PS1 or N64 question, Hubby is pondering. He thinks Usagi would stick with Nintendo and go for the N64. Again, the familiar characters is a huge draw. We also don’t see Usagi having the patience for a really huge RPGs, which is where the PS1 and its disc-based system began to shine.

Clearly, Usagi is a Nintendo girl for life.