So because the mods and I are all based in America–our blog is really Americentric. We’re sorry about that. We’d like to comment on the rich privilege that university students have in other countries–we just can’t because we don’t hear quotes outside of America–due to our lack of superpowers. What we’re really trying to say here is: Please send in your quotes from places other than America, if you have them. I mean by all means send in all of the quotes–but especially send in the quotes from outside of the states. 

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As Americans we are celebrating the signing of the American Declaration of Independence, an extremely important part of our nation's history. Also, you act as though a singing competition is more important than a national holiday celebrating the signing of a document that sealed the independence of our nation from Britain.

Well, I understand the gravity of the date and it’s importance to you, but that doesn’t hinder my feelings that it’s a ridiculous over-celebration of an occurrence that a lot of countries in the modern world have gone through (That is, separation from British rule) Though I gather in the USs case it had more social significance.

However, my point is that the 4th seems less about celebrating a significant date in history, and more about a narcissistic display of American ‘dominance’ that seems woefully unnecessary on a site that is already incredibly americentric.

For example, I know in fair enough detail about American independence and the reasons behind the Fourth of July, not through any intentional effort of my own, but through unavoidable socialisation through the media and by extension this website.

This education is completely one sided, as I doubt you have as in depth a knowledge about other countries as the rest of the world has about the US. I’m of course not saying this is intentional on your part, but the Americentrism shown through almost all aspects of globalisation often robs other countries and their nationals of an identity.

One often has to assimilate American mannerisms and conversation styles in order to be apart of an international discussion, and such American culture is normalised and aspired to. Other nationals have to strive to learn themselves on this culture, if they want to fit well or network wider social sites like tumblr, while Americans themselves don’t have to make any reciprocal effort.

This is why I made allusions of this reaction to Straight pride on the original post. The spotlight on American culture is so normalised, that others feel a noticeable difference when it is taken away. Thusly feeling at a disadvantage or at an injustice when the reality is entirely different. Other nations often feel that they have to celebrate their culture overtly arrogantly and LOUDLY in order to be heard above the American focus.

The forth of July and the Eurovison is incomparable, as the Eurovison song contest is often posted as a time AWAY from immediate American scrutiny, and you can see even a week of that was deemed too much for some American bloggers.

My main point is that majority of non-American tumblr users ALREADY know in detail the Fourth of July and it’s celebrations, so a website filled with posts about a date that has no significance to them can seem exhausting, and something others want to (understandably) avoid.

Blegh I understand my elocution on this post is sub-par but I hope I’ve helped you understand where I’m coming from.

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I, a modern, educated American woman with the right to vote and go to school and get a job, am not oppressed. Blurred Lines doesn't oppress me. Movies that don't pass the Bechdel Test do not oppress me. I am not lacking in any rights than a man in America has. I don't live in fear of forced marriages or genital mutilation. That's why I'm annoyed with so much of Americentric Tumblr feminism.


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"Stop saying “white people” when you mean “white Americans”" -- okay but here's the thing white Europeans are also just as guilty of being trash so it's all encompassing

okay but here’s the thing racism is just different over here and assuming the dynamics are the same is incorrect

for example Polish people tend to be “white passing” but they still get a lot of shit in the uk

tumblr’s americentric attitude just pisses me off

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our problem is tumblrs (and obviously your) fucking americentrism. everyone but your sorry ass uses dd/mm/yyyy

But like, of all the things to pick a fight over, why this? Why can’t I just be amused that the way I write the date today happens to be in sequence without it turning into a huge argument?

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Congratulations on turning the deaths of African-Americans into a pissing match because you're butthurt that people weren't paying as much attention to Australia. Newsflash, dumbass, most people are just hearing about what's happening now and most have been paying attention to what's going on in other countries, in addition to events in the US. You've shit on the lives of black people with your stupid complaints of Americentrism and making ppl feel bad for posting about it. You fucking idiot.

Ok first of all it’s not that hard to express your disagreement without attacking me and in turn pissing me off, making it difficult to rationalise the stupidity you just typed out and sent to me.

Secondly, I am in no way shape or form taking away from the tragedy of what is happening to black people in the US and elsewhere. The shooting of unarmed black people is horrible. I am in no way making this a competition and the fact that me wanting some attention to be taken away from america to highlight things that are happening in australia warrants a response like this is extremely worrisome.

I fail to see why we can’t discuss this as well as address the racial issues in the US and this. I don’t know how I’ve shat on the live of black people when I didn’t even bring them into this, you did. Which must mean you know what I’m talking about, right? The fact that Ferguson was all over our dashboards and continues to be so, and rightly so, but we never see that with anything else, especially never with anything outside the US?

I am not as much as a dumbass as you think. I am not the only one who has noticed that whenever there is a tragedy in the US it is all over tumblr. Everywhere. And that is completely justified. Such issues should be amplified here! What I am asking is why isn’t that the case for tragedies in other countries? Where is the ‘spam’ of the missing students in Mexico? Why is no one talking about the earthquake in China? Why is there so much content on racism in the US but so little information about australian racism? Why is it that Ebola wasn’t a headline issue until it came to the US despite the fact that thousands had died of it in west africa before then? This is what I am talking about. This imbalance is what I am talking about when I complain about Americanisation. 

Whenever there is such a threat similar to the sydney siege in the US (which lets be honest is quite frequent because of the silly gun laws) it will be the only thing you see on your dashboard no matter what kind of blogs you follow and no matter where you are. Did I see that when it happened in sydney? No. Did it eventually happen? It did, and I acknowledged that. But does that happen for other situations? Not always, no. But they should be.

So you should ask yourself, why aren’t they?

you know what i rly hate?????? americentrism and english only speaking ppl thinking that they’re allowed to demand other people whose first language isnt english to speak english all the time like what the fuck you can only speak 1 language take your ass away from me and stop thinking ur entitled for what the fuck do i have to say 24/7

also only english speaking americans being rude at ppl who speak 2 or more languages and dont have pretty perfect english like. YOU STILL speak 1 language you cocknut stop being fucking rude the world doesnt revolve around pleasing ur english ass god frick

klavierinjorts replied to your post:wait sorry to be like americentric but do other…

i think that (at least in europe) students leave school and can either go home for lunch or go out somewhere if im remembering shit correctly from my german class

OH YEA HOW COULD I FORGET wow 6 yrs of spanish and i failed to remember that in a lot of spanish speaking coutries i think everyone gets a break from school like a siesta and all shops close and everyone gets to go home OK NOW I REMEMBER

Oh and just so you’ll shut the fuck up about american poverty:
america;s poorest still live better off than rest of world
I don’t like the tone of that article but i dont really care about america either and tumblr is so fucking americentric and reductive and erases ever single country that isnt america”

YES Tumblr is too americentric but my father dying due to lack of access to good medical care because of costs isn’t MORE OKAY BECAUSE IT HAPPENED IN AMERICA