Private correspondence

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used the personal mail for business correspondence throughout her term as Secretary of State. Such actions could violate the requirements established by federal law. According to them, all correspondence should be maintained.
About two months ago, former Secretary of State advisors viewed tens of thousands of emails from Clinton’s personal email account.
The most likely candidate for the presidency has proved to be the most stupid candidate at the moment.

Ready To Die

Young Americans think they ready to fight against ISIS in the Middle East. A new Quinnipiac poll shows that about 2/3 of Americans support ground troops against ISIS. The mood started to change after the latest videos of beheadings. It’s a pity that brainwashed nation doesn’t understand that the war it’s anyway just a bloody business of corporations. America will never bring any peace or democracy into any country until peace makers would carry the weapon in their arms. More than that, security of the USA and its allies will be broken.

What the fuck is wrong with Americans and guns? It’s no coincidence that there’s next to no mass shootings, or shootings at all in places with gun restrictions. You don’t need a semi automatic weapon. You just don’t. Fuck you gonna use it for anyway? You don’t need a hand gun. You don’t need any of it what the fuck is wrong with you?

The thing that I like about Germany is that Germans are so much like us. It’s not like going to some other countries, where the differences are overwhelming and you walk around in a fog. Germans are so similar to Americans.
—  Matt Damon, American actor, * Oct 8, 1970 in Massachusetts. His father is of Scottish & English descent; his mother is of Finnish & Swedish ancestry. Damon attended Harvard University where he was a member of the class of 1992 but left before receiving his degree in order to take a lead role in the film School Ties. At Harvard he wrote an early treatment of the screenplay for Good Will Hunting as an exercise for an English class. He received an Academy Award for the screenplay in 1998. 

I really hate it when someone on Tumblr asks "what is white culture?" and then some blogger throws together random pictures of various ethnic cultures within the white race and everyone cheers like "yes, so correct!". That isn’t “white culture”, that’s a bunch of ethnic cultures thrown together and falsely advertised under the banner “white”. You can’t just throw together pictures of German, French, English etc culture and then call it “white culture”, in the same way you wouldn’t throw together pictures of Indian, Japanese, and Thai culture and go “Asian culture!”. They’re different cultures belonging to different ethnic groups; the fact that the individuals share the same race doesn’t mean their cultures are compatible, interchangeable, or adoptable by anyone within that particular race. American’s really need to pull their heads out of their collective asses and stop treating race like a monolith. If some random German or Frenchman bought an English flag, converted to Anglicanism, and started eating roast dinners every Sunday like "hey, this is mine too, I’m white!" I wouldn’t take them seriously.

Stomach ache

The bacterium Clostridium difficile caused the death of tens of thousands of Americans. Hospitals are breeding grounds for deadly bacteria and antibiotics, which greatly weakens the immune system of patients, contribute to its spread.
This bacterium causes colitis. Patients get intoxication, prolonged diarrhea, abdominal pain and leukocytosis. The disease can be fatal. Improper use of antibiotics is the main cause of colitis.
From 30% to 50% of the antibiotics that hospital patients take, are wrong.
Half of hospital patients are unnecessarily at risk of catching pseudomembranous colitis.
US health agencies are responsible for more than 90% of cases of infection by the bacterium Clostridium difficile, and tens of thousands of deaths.
It is necessary to protest against abuse and misuse of antibiotics.

This week, the likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, stated that "there’s no such thing as the Palestinians". Let's have a look at what else Mikey's said over the years.

"I think schools also ought to be fair to all views. Because, frankly, Darwinism is not an established scientific fact. It is a theory of evolution, that’s why it’s called the theory of evolution" - Mike Huckabee

"I didn’t get into politics because I thought government had a better answer. I got into politics because I knew government didn’t have the real answers, that the real answers lie in accepting Jesus Christ into our lives" - Mike Huckabee

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Huckabee said, “We ask why there is violence in our schools, but we have systematically removed God from our schools. Should we be so surprised that schools would become a place of carnage?”

"I support and have always supported passage of a federal constitutional amendment that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. As President, I will fight for passage of this amendment. My personal belief is that marriage is between one man and one woman, for life." - Mike Huckabee 

"When the male sperm and female egg join, a new and unique life form is created. At conception. Not at birth or viability, or when a lawyer says so. At conception this happens. John McCain got it right; Obama pled less scientific knowledge than a 5th grader." - Mike Huckabee

"My point is, I don’t know. I wasn’t there. But I believe whether God did it in six days or whether he did it in six days that represented periods of time, he did it. And that’s what’s important. But you know, if anybody wants to believe they are the descendants of a primate, they are certainly welcome to do it." - Mike Huckabee  

"Watching ducks land on a lake in Arkansas in the winter is about the closest to Heaven as you can find on this earth… and as someone who believes, according to my faith, I will go to Heaven when I die, I am pretty sure that there is duck hunting in Heaven" - Mike Huckabee  

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"Americans Try German Food For The First Time"

Do you know what’s actually in your food? Because guess what it’s not food, and it’s not safe. Your beef lives in the dark, and in it’s own filth, eating genetically modified corn and often candy with gelatin in it, and is no longer required to have a humane slaughter, so they die in fear struggling often causing them to suffer. Your dairy is coming from cows pumped full of RBST which leads to over production of estrogen in the body, giving men breasts, causing women to unnaturally become pregnant with twins, causing girls to have periods at younger ages. Pigs and chickens live in the dark in cages to small to turn around in, stacked on top of each other and usually only the top rows are fed and the ones below them get what falls. Corn, soy, and canola are being added to many foods that don’t require them and they are heavily GMO’d. GMO’s can cause organ damage, gastrointestinal problems and immune disorders. The fruit that you’re eating has been sprayed with toxic pesticides. Potatoes are often sprayed with monitor which is so toxic once it’s been sprayed it’s not safe to eat until it’s sat for almost 12 months and it still leaves a permanent residue. The saddest thing about all of this is that this is not necessary, these foods don’t have to be eaten or even created to be this way, but Americans are uneducated they believe it’s hard to find healthy food or even that what they’re eating is healthy. People need to be educated.

It’s Time for Young People to Pay Attention to Social Security

At current funding levels, the social security trust fund is only solvent until 2033. Past that, it would have to cut benefits by 23 percent in order to keep providing benefits for the same number of people it does now. In the long term, then, either tax increases or more gradual benefit cuts will have to occur to avoid a sharp, sudden cut along those lines. And since any reduction in benefits for current retirees is a non-starter, any reduction in benefits will come out of the hides of those who will be retiring in the future: namely, the young.