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American Man: RayRay Imagine (Part 7.)

At Ray’s Apartment…

Serena: So can i stay here?

You: No..

Serena: i don’t think i was talking to you.

You: But i was talking to you…

Serena: Rayan…. can i please stay here?

Ray: Baby…

Y/n looked up and rolled her eyes

Ray: I’ll stay at your apartment with you and she can stay here..

You: Really? so she comes back for you after 2 years and your welcoming this bitch with open arms?

Ray: It’s not even *GCO*

Serena: It’s  true love honey.. he knows what’s real.. he knows my love for him is real.. he knows what in my heart.

You: I’m guessing it’s left over silicon..

Ray snickered… Y/N looked up at him again and rolled her eyes… he quickly stopped & got up.. he rapped his arms around Y/N’s waist and tried to kiss her. she moved and rolled her eyes again

Ray: C'mon..

he dragged her across the hall into her own apartment.. he quickly wrapped his arms around her again and kissed her. she tried to push away but gave in and kissed him back.. after about 30 secs she remembered she was mad at him and pulled away..

You: You can’t be doin that..

Ray: Doin what? Makin you forgive me??

You: Move…

Ray: Baby… let me stay here.. it’ll be fun.. we’ll have our own little sleep over every *kisses her* single *kisses her* day..

You: If you stay here i expect for you to pick me up from work everyday! and you’ll be sleeping on the couch until i’m not mad at you anymore..

Ray: Ohkae… i can take that..

he went across the hall to grab somes tuff.. he told serena she could stay then walked back over to Y/N’s apartment..


It was late at night and Ray was on the couch.. he tossed and turned… for the first time in awhile his nightmares came back.. he screamed  raising up, sweating and panting. Y/N rushed into the living room.

You: Baby… are you ohkae?

she sat behind him laying his head on her breast and caressing his head.

Ray; Yeah.. i’m good.

You: You sure?

Ray: Y/N, i told you i’m cool.

she held him closely, kissed his forehead then got up.

You: RayRay..

Ray: Huh?

You: ….I’m not mad anymore….

he smiled, she grabbed his hand and lead him to her bedroom then they, well…. ya know ;)

The Next Morning…

Serena woke up.. in Ray’s apartment…. alone. She honestly didn’t care if he took her back or not.. Her job was to ruin his life.. when the Cheyenne, person who hired her, found out he was happy again (which she didn’t know how she found out) it was her job to make him miserable.. so far the plan was going… ohkae. but she would really have to kick it up a noch or two if she wanted Ray & Y/N to break up.. maybe a sob story about how she felt “so bad about what she did” would work… Ray was a sucker for her.. and she knew it.. to her Ray was just an easy target and a quick way to some money



i know i made yal wait & it’s kinda short but i’ll make it up to you :)