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Here’s the video from last night’s performances of ‘Decode’ and ‘Ain’t It Fun’ with Jena Irene on American Idol:

because I can't not say something

It’s very surreal to see my ex on tv. I am over the moon for the girl and how well she’s doing and how amazingly america is responding to her. That’s not even the weirdest part. Meet the girl for 5 minutes and you already know she’s destined for something awesome. 

The weird thing is seeing posts from total strangers saying “I love MK so much” and “I want MK to be my wife.” THAT is weird. Especially knowing that to me, she is a real person, not just someone on TV. Like, that’s someone that i’ve kissed and still care about very much that you are talking about. Could you not? 

Of course, the weirdness level is not helped by literally everyone I know talking about it and also the internet won’t stop putting her on everything. So there’s that. 

Moral of the story: I hope she does very well and she’s having the time of her life and that no one goes and hates on her. Cause there’s an army of dykes who would beat those unfortunate souls up. I’d help.


…..Then on Wednesday night, the American Idol 2014 finale show begins at 8PM ET/PT and as always we’ll be here covering it live with all the results for you. The two-hour special will feature a huge line up of special performers and duets with this season’s finalists. Adjust your DVRs as the results show runs until 10:06PM!

FOX announced we’ll be seeing Lady Antebellum, Aloe Blacc, KISS, John Legend, Demi Lovato, Jason Mraz, Jennifer Nettles, PARAMORE, Phillip Phillips and Darius Rucker. Jena Irene will duet with Paramore, Caleb with KISS, and Alex with Mraz. This looks like it could be an awesome American Idol finale!

-American Idol

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