VETEMENTS / Leather Pant

Robert Clergerie / Kross Pump

Limi Feu / Flutter Sleeve Dress

Y’s / Shark Sole Shoe

Jacquemus / La Robe d/Enfant

MHL by Margaret Howell / Monkey Boot

Limi Feu / Short Cardigan

Comme des Garçons SHIRT GIRL / Quilted Skirt

Margaret Howell / Great Coat

Woman by Common Projects / Chelsea Sneaker

Hachung Lee / Wool Coat

MHL by Margaret Howell / Single Pocket Shirt

Hachung Lee / Asymmetric Wool Skirt

Guidi / Lace-up Platform Boot

Maison Martin Margiela Line 1 / Tie-Back Bib

Zero + Maria Cornejo / Lina Rollneck

Introducing Atelier No. 2: American University, 1983. 

An homage to the refined academic, a studied approach to the imperfect. 

-La Garçonne

11 Actual Signs You Go To American University

Y'all know the Buzzfeed “15 Signs You Went to American University” listicle? The one that made the most bland and stereotypical AU jokes? Well, here’s a list of 11 actual signs you go to American University.

1. You’ve stopped complaining about the AU Shuttle because you should’ve left AU’s campus by now and you’ve learned that WMATA is much worse.

2. You complain about the people who monopolize classroom discussions with their personal politics-

3. -but let’s be real you probably do it all the time.

4. You laugh when people complain about 8:55 classes because you’ve got a real job or internship and need to wake up at 7 in the morning.

5. You’ve stopped trying to pick up guys in MGC. In fact, let’s face it, you’ve probably stopped trying to find someone to date on AU’s campus at all.

6. You’re actually offended someone made an AU-themed listicle and didn’t make a West Wing joke.

7. Or a House of Cards joke.

8. Seriously, not even a Newsroom joke? We’re obsessed with our TV shows.

9. You’re over the supposed SIS-SPA-Kogod rivalry.

10. The only thing more annoying than all the political discussions are all the people complaining about the political discussions.

11. Finally, you’re embarrassed and a little bit ashamed every time an AU student publishes something that is rife with spelling and grammar errors.

Bats use both sides of brain to listen—just like humans

Researchers from Georgetown University Medical Center and American University have shown that, like humans, mustached bats use the left and right sides of their brains to process different aspects of sounds. Aside from humans, no other animal that has been studied, not even monkeys or apes, has proved to use such hemispheric specialization for sound processing—meaning that the left brain is better at processing fast sounds, and the right processing slow ones.

The scientists say their study, published in Frontiers of Neuroscience, opens a pathway to studying bat brains in order to understand certain human language disorders and potentially even improving computer speech recognition.

“These findings upset the notion that only humans use different sides of their brains to distinguish different aspects of sound,” says the study’s senior author, Stuart Washington, PhD, a neuroscientist at Georgetown.

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