#kristenstewart was spotted at a army Warehouse in Idaho Falls, Idaho:


We had Kristen Stewart in the store today! She was awesome!


"She was way nice. I was a bit nervous for some reason. Haha."
"She said she was just driving through."
"I saw somewhere that she is headed to Montana to do a motion picture.
That’s what she told me too.”
"I was picking up clothes and she walked over to me and said sorry she did that and she would clean them up. I said no it’s ok, hey are you Kristen? She said yes, was super friendly. She talked about how this area and idaho was beautiful. I asked if I could take my picture with her cause no one would believe me and she laughed and said of course. I did see a small smile too! Haha."

[ she’s headed to Montana for her next film, i suppose she’s not taking that break after all ]

Emmi Silvennoinen is stepping down from the European and North American One Man Army tour.

Netta Skog is stepping in. 

I have such mixed feelings about this. 

I really love Emmi and she’s a beautiful talented queen, but Netta!!!


Yeah, so I’m really excited. I’m going to go do a marketing/PR internship at a place with a Wikipedia page.

The ali center is a place TRULY about diversity, actually supports education of topics that matter, has some killer state-of-the-art installations and has a bitchin’ view of the river.

I mean, of course I want to work for a place dedicated celebrating the life and epiphanies of a pretty, clever and otherwise brilliant black man, who refused to fight in the american army and kicked a lot of white folk’s asses.



The evolution of the warrior.

From top to bottom: 

Greek warrior - 600 BC.

Roman Centurion - 100 BC.

Persian warrior - 6th century. 

Viking warriors - 10th century.

Samurai warrior - 16th century.

Continental Army soldiers - 1775 / The American Revolutionary War.

German Wehrmacht soldier - 1940 / Second world war.

U.S Army soldier - Korean war / Vietnam war.

U.S Army soldier - Afghanistan war / 2014. 

Polish special forces / GROM - 2014.