Last night I found the Fugly Dog Blog. This made me really happy. It’s great to see dog blogs which don’t dance around the fact that deforming dogs for aesthetic purposes is a cruel and disgusting practice. The overall acceptance of English Bulldogs, Pugs, Pekingese, Neapolitan Mastiffs, Great Danes, and about a hundred other grievously exaggerated breeds as normal and healthy is alarming. So, in honor of dog lover awareness, here’s a post with what can easily be considered one of the worst human failures in all of dogdom: the American Bully. Often simply called “pits” or “pit bulls” (or even more incorrectly, “pitts”/”pittbulls”), these dogs are nothing but a useless bastardization of the working/game-bred or ADBA/AADR American Pit Bull Terrier, or even the show-bred but largely healthy and structurally sound American Staffordshire Terrier (two breeds which intermingle heavily within the UKC, to the point of often being considered a single breed, or sometimes referred to as a Pitterstaff).

Many breeders claim that their American Bullies or “Bully Pit Bulls”/”Bully Pits” are nothing but American Pit Bull Terriers bred for “bone, head size, mass, density,” et cetera, but this is largely blatantly false. In some cases there is a slight possibility that the dogs are purebred American Pit Bull Terriers which simply have severe deformities, but by and large they are clear crosses to established freak shows dog breeds such as various mastiffs and English or French Bulldogs. To be completely fair, not all American Bullies are this extreme; there are many backyard breeders pumping out “pit bulls” as pets which are bred more like bullies than true APBTs, and even in the American Bully show world there are Classic and Standard “type” American Bullies. However, the dogs shown here are the popular ones which go for thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars.

But wait, there’s more! I’ve compiled several other examples:


If you can look at these dogs without realizing something has gone very very wrong, you are far too desensitized to the cruelty we put our so-called best friends through.


American Bully: pit dogs were ruined long ago when they turned into the English Bulldog, but apparently some people aren’t content with having just one strain of deformed bull and terrier and have derived the American Bully from modern and functional pit bulls.
      These idiots probably think their dogs look tough, but look at that long sway back, sprawled legs, straining shoulders. This is a deformed dog that would perform poorly at any task compared to the APBT or Staffordshire.
      This dog is built like a reptile. I can only conclude that people breed for this because they prefer this over what a dog actually looks like. They breed for this because they don’t like actual dogs.

People who breed for this do not actually like or want dogs.


Some wonked up American Bullies! Also a screen cap of a kennel that regularly inbreeds parentXoffspring… 

I mean, Line Breeding is one thing and can be a benefit, but doing constant and so close and so often is… well… the results above are all I need to know…