This dog is called Opi. He is an American Bulldog/Catahoula mix. He is 8 months old and deaf. He likes to chase laser points around the house and doesnt like being alone. He will want to follow you out of the house. He is up to date on all his vaccinations and is micro chipped. He lives in the Brevard County, Florida area. He needs a loving home with lots of time to give. He CAN NOT be in a house with other dogs. He loves people though, even kids. So please ADOPT HIM!

I can be contacted at preppygirl1srn@yahoo.com if you are interested.

Hi everyone—something terrible happened to a shelter in Macon, GA and they need all the help they can get. Please please please pass this on and help out All About Animals if you can:

We are deeply saddened by the cruel, criminal and inhumane treatment our beloved dogs endured last night. As most of you already know, sometime between the hours of 8p.m. Wednesday and 7a.m. Thursday, a person or (most likely) persons broke into our shelter in Downtown Macon and committed an unthinkable and deplorable crime. To the best of our knowledge, these criminals broke through our gates, removed security chains from the kennels and released at least 20-30 dogs from their pens. We can only assume their intent was to fight the dogs. There were many breeds of dogs involved, not just bulldog mixes. We are left grieving the death of three sweet, innocent lives: Butler, Jack and Flapjack. Additionally, we have eight dogs in bad shape at three different vets: Lionel, Belle, Mic, Iggy, Asher, Orson, Ansley and Theo. And at least six more with significant injuries that were treated and remain at our shelter: Biscuit, Duchess, Mayhem, Oscar, Porter and Petey. Belle, our sweet, gentle, adult female bulldog mix who was severely injured in the fighting also has wounds that were not created by another dog, but rather are consistent with being intentionally cut. 

Since so many dogs were injured, there are going to be a lot of vet bills for all of these babies. Like most shelters, they don’t have the money for this. There are several ways to donate:

1) Paypal

2) Network for Good

3) Mail donations to: P.O. Box 4331 Macon, GA 31208

4) Stop by the shelter at 101 Riverside Drive in Downtown Macon next to the entrance of Central City Park

Even if you can only donate a few dollars, please consider helping these people. A company has even offered to install a security system but they will need sponsors to pay the monthly monitoring fee. Anything will help! They’re very nice and their dogs are wonderful. I can’t even believe that someone would do something like this. Please please please signal boost this.

Pit Bulls were NEVER known as “nanny Dogs”. 

No child should ever be left in the care of a dog, no matter what breed.

Be responsible with your pets and children.

Stop the spread of this lie.

Edit: Because some people are getting their undies in a twist due to this drawing.

Pit Bull’s are great with kids, there is no denying that BUT they are DOGS and things can and do happen to kids if they are left alone with a dog even if it’s just for a few minutes. Kids like to pull, poke, hit, jump etc on dogs and some dogs wont just sit there and take the abuse.

When people see Pit Bulls being called “Nanny Dogs” they may think it’s ok to leave their kid alone with the dog in the same room while they do things around the house. This is NOT ok, no sane responsible parent will leave a child alone with an animal like this. 

This drawing is poking fun at the “Nanny Dog” Myth.

People need to stop blowing this out of proportion.