This dog is called Opi. He is an American Bulldog/Catahoula mix. He is 8 months old and deaf. He likes to chase laser points around the house and doesnt like being alone. He will want to follow you out of the house. He is up to date on all his vaccinations and is micro chipped. He lives in the Brevard County, Florida area. He needs a loving home with lots of time to give. He CAN NOT be in a house with other dogs. He loves people though, even kids. So please ADOPT HIM!

I can be contacted at preppygirl1srn@yahoo.com if you are interested.


This was my handsome boy Blaze, my rescued American Bulldog who sadly had to be put down a few months ago due to cancer, I didn’t have him long but he secured a place in my heart forever, he was intelligent, brought me his leash when I said we were going for walkies, waited patiently for his food and always got up to greet me and my girlfriend when we came home, even though it hurt his old legs :’)