$300K Grant for Hawaiian Language Preschools to Increase Proficiency

The Administration for Native Americans has awarded the ʻAha Pūnana Leo Hawaiian language nest preschools in Hawaii a $300,000 grant for the first year of a three-year grant project. The project will enhance and strengthen Pūnana Leo’s quality and impact in the Native Hawaiian community through increasing language proficiency and the professional capabilities of its staff.

NFL Player Gave Up Career to Save Brother’s Life

For two brothers in the NFL, sacrificing their careers wasn’t an easy step but it was the right thing to do.
Christopher and Ma’ake Kemoeatu, Tonga, both former Super Bowl champions, ended their NFL careers so that Chris could have a life-saving kidney transplant. Chris, 31, had been battling kidney disease that developed from a childhood illness. Ma’ake, 35, underwent kidney transplant surgery in August so that he could give one of his kidneys to Chris.

There’s something wrong
With the fact that I come home
And time half an hour
On my watch
Just to cry
Before I start my homework.
There’s something wrong
Knowing I’m going to school
Even if I’m sick
Or running a fever
Because I can’t deal with
The anxiety of being a day behind.
There’s something wrong
With the way I walk through the halls
Motivated by the fact that
When I return home
My bed and razors are waiting for me.
There’s something wrong
When I feel crippling anxiety picking out
My outfit
Or thinking about that nights homework
And sometimes
There’s something wrong
With the fact that there is so little still right
—  m.d.m The American School System ( simple-dandelion )