America Ferrera: America4America Campaign Launch!

America Ferrera launches the Voto Latino’s America4America online campaign on Thursday (May 31) in Washington, DC.

The 28-year-old actress recounted her personal experience of voting and voiced her concern about the strict immigration laws sweeping across America during the press conference.

“At 9-years-old, California was facing down Proposition 187 and one day before heading out to school my mother had to pull me aside to prepare me for what might happen at school. And she said to me, ‘You are an American, and don’t let anyone scare you, you belong here.’”

The America4America campaign is a media, grassroots, and online effort to reach people across the country to deliver the message that united we build a better America.  The goal is to start a dialogue with young leaders through video, social media and forums bringing attention to the issues that impact the community.

Voto Latino is a next-generation, constituency based organization that empowers American Latinos to claim a better future by engaging in the political process.

Watch America discuss her newest project America4America:

More photos of America Ferrara at the Voto Latino‘s America4America campaign after the jump!