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nbcagt: This is what happens when you leave your phone backstage unlocked with @teddysphotos! #AGTFinale #AGT


Watch: Here’s the transphobic ‘America’s Got Talent’ performance NBC doesn’t want you to see

Did NBC’s America’s Got Talent just present us with the new RuPaul’s Drag Race/”tranny” moment of 2014?

On last week’s episode, the network aired 84-year-old Ray Jessel’s performance of a “funny” original song. Performed in a style not unlike throwback vaudeville, Jessel elicited waves of appreciative laughter from both the audience members and judges for the short number. It was later pulled from NBC’s social media channels.

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First time I voted for a singer on AGT —— moved me to tears

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Miguel Dakota singing “Come Together” on America’s Got Talent

Can’t. Stop. Listening.

(Singing actually starts at 1:09)

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5. Nick Cannon’s Headphones Are Lumpy

Security. Security! There’s a bunch of extras throwing a lame party in the living room - can you do something about that?

Oh wait, that’s Nina. Yes, Cycle 20 Nina. And if there’s one thing you remember about Nina it’s that she has unrequited feelings for Chris is missing part of her lung knows how to throw a party! Don’t mistake Nina for the challenge’s special guest, though. Her sole purpose is to hula hoop and then introduce the actual special guest: Nick Cannon. “Thee Nick Cannon” Denzel clarifies as if Nick Cannon were famous enough for someone to impersonate him or he were too busy to make an appearance.

The cast is excited and makes obligatory references to the #1 thing Cannon is known for: being married to Mariah Carey. Too bad Carey and Cannon have separated since this segment was filmed - awkward! Cheer up, Nick: Tyra Banks might use those makeup and lighting tricks to appear as if she is Mariah (only prettier, obviously) and you can have sex with her instead. 

What’s Cannon doing in the house, anyway? Surely none of these models are good enough to warrant an America’s Next Top Model’s Got Talent crossover. Nope, he’s here to promote his new headphons NCredibles by Nick Cannon. They’re just like Beats by Dre except without the style, functionality, or excitable celebrity name attached. 

Ah, but they’re also better than Beats by Dre because you can connect a wire to a friend’s set of headphones and listen to what he’s hearing at the same time. That’s a great idea — unless, you know, you already own speakers. I guess it’s also a more intimate way to, say, have sex with Mariah Carey while listening to Mariah Carey music. No really, he has previously bragged about banging Mariah while they listen to her music. No wonder she wants a divorce.

Speaking of celebrity divorce, those proceedings are costly, which presumably is why Cannon cannot afford a real marketing team. Instead, the models break into groups and shoot a photo of the product, with the best photo getting used in an actual NCredibles campaign. 

Ben’s group takes charge for him and everyone complains about his lack of leadership. Guys, he’s only a quadruple threat, not a quintuple threat! He can’t literally do everything! Adam directs a photo where two girls look bored at a party… and then look equally bored at the party once they synch their headphones with Denzel’s. It’s nice to see some truth in advertising, but I think it’s a little too real. Lenox lacks confidence, but her team’s concept is solid, so she wins. I look forward to seeing her headphone photo as a blinking pop-up ad on the internet. 

Anyway, this whole challenge was basically a disappointment. Why couldn’t Nick Cannon lead another improvisation workshop like he did when he appeared previously in Cycle 6? That shit was hilarious, thanks mainly to a clueless. Jade. In fact, let’s just forget that this week’s challenge ever happened and just watch Jade in the clip at top of this post instead. Now there’s your funny moment!

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