621. Being a part of Britain until the Revolution, American witches and wizards were educated at Hogwarts. Most of the founding fathers, being upper class and able to afford a proper education, were at Hogwarts, with Jefferson, Franklin, and Adams being sorted into Ravenclaw. Controversially, Alexander Hamilton was placed into Slytherin along with Benedict Arnold. George Washington, naturally, was a Gryffindor while John Jay was a Hufflepuff and an early proponant of house-elf rights.

Honoring Columbus and the Origins of the Pledge of Allegiance, by Matt Remle

Each and every school day across the country millions of children and adults alike start the day by standing in unison and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. As a Lakota, I’ve long resisted standing and pledging an allegiance to a foreign colonizer. The thought of doing so seems a slap in the face to what our ancestors lived, fought and died for as originally free peoples living life as Lakota.

I refuse to stand for the pledge and have passed this along to my wakanyeja. We’ve endured many a glaring eyes, occasional side comments about our lack of “patriotism”, and comments about how we’re “lucky” to live in a “free” country. To which I like to remind them that as Lakota we were already originally free and independent peoples roaming the lands like our brother Tatanka long before the colonizer ever set foot on our shores.

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