Guys I have a plan to meet Gaga.

Step 1- Forget about all your future career dreams.

Step 2- Go to a really good teaching school to teach grades 1-12.

Step 3- Kill a teacher that works at Convent of The Sacred Heart.

Step 4- Apply for the position of the teacher you killed.

Step 5- Get the job.

Step 6- Invite Gaga to come visit your class for a holiday special.

Step 7- Poison all the kids so they get sick and don’t come in that day.

Step 8- Gaga arrives and you have the whole day with her.


Today during my history test, my sister and two of her friends ran into the class room with tons balloons and told the whole class to sing and they did and it was so funny. And the look on my teachers face when he noticed the balloons said "Happy Birthday Bitch" was absolutely priceless. She's the best.