Continuum Appreciation Week: Day Five

Favorite Kiera Cameron Moment

It’s not really a moment that showcases all of Kiera’s fire and hellwater, or her badassery, or her tenderness, or any of the big characteristics I like. And it’s almost not really about Kiera, but about the people on the ground in 2077. But it shows the core reason I love Kiera: her audacity to refuse authority in the face of her core ideals. A lot is made of Kiera’s messy morality, the way she’s a protagonist but not always the hero, but in her heart, she holds to goodness and innocence.

After braving a fire (which should not be her job at this juncture, they point out) to save two little girls, she’s talked down to, given a stern stripping down and a hefty helping of new life debt. She is made to walk behind her good, attentive, fellow soldiers and cops—who, each in turn, surreptitiously grasp her hand in solidarity. She half-smiles and then puts on her face.

At the end of the day, Kiera is just a lady trying to do what she believes is right. The problems come when what she has been taught is right is actually hugely awful and exploitative and corrupt. But she defies orders to go with her beliefs and ideals and that’s why it’s been so interesting and wonderful to watch her on this journey.

oatsnjen said:

Honestly you totally changed my perceptive on how I see myself! I'm lifting amd eating and want to make gains instead of being a little cardio bunny and thinking that I need to be skinny! Thank you girly! You're so positive and an inspiration, hope that wasn't too cheesy

THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!!! THANK YOU FOR SENDING ME THIS! You have no idea how much it means to me that I can even help one person make a positive change in their approach to health! You rock!

I was bugging my Master for walkies and he said “Jeez, this is why I don’t want a dog. I don’t like dogs.” Which is basically like a Caregiver saying “This is why I dont want kids. I don’t like kids.” Amd it really, really hurt and this is why I don’t tell people about this side of me and im just crying my eyes out.