On a personal note

I’m talking to someone but I’m not entirely sure what it is I want from them. I never wanna be the type of person that leads someone on though you know?


Soooo I was thinking about Buffy and how it was supposed to be a sendup of the ‘cute innocent blonde girl’ thing so I decided to have a cutesy vampire with the goal of Turning the Town. Her name is Daisy Nelson. She’s ambituous, evil, charismatic, flirty, and friendly. She works in business, is gay, and blogs too much. She also seems to attract wild animals.

So far it’s a week in and she’s turned four sims, drunk the blood of five, and acquired a few hundred followers for her blog about her attempted takeover of Sunset Valley. Also, she lives in my favorite Sunset Valley starter home.

Ambituous, beautiful, caring, DRAMATIC, easy going, fabulous, generous,HOT-HEADED, intelligent,kind, loving,outgoing, pleasant, QUARRELSOME, realistic, thoughtful, warm hearted💛….just 17 words to describe you!💁 Finallyyyy you can stop being 16, u can stop talking about how you’re almost 17!👏 :”) Happy 17th birthday to one of my best friends @kae_bii , 👭I can talk to you about anything and i love you sooooo much!!!😘❤❤ this weekend gon be tooo lit!! 🎉🎉P.s. These pics cute or nah?💁😏