Theme Number 18 : Samba

Features :

  • 1 column
  • Home, ask, submit, archive, theme links
  • Your blog title and your description
  • Back to top button, next and previous buttons

Easy edit without HTML :

  • Your own blog title
  • Your own navigation title
  • Upload your sidebar picture
  • Background pattern or color
  • Colors are fully customizable
  • Round corners for the posts
  • Show captions or not
  • Up to 14 custom links
  • Sidebar Picture on top or bottom
  • Bold & underlined custom colors
  • Show tags under posts or not
  • Show blog title or not
  • Show navigation title or not

Live Preview & Code (wait a few seconds then click on Skip in the top right corner)

Shout out to these health blogs using my themes, I love you !

One thing I’ve realized is that tumblr isn’t just a social networking site or blog, I have learnt so much by using tumblr. Here’s an example! I’ve managed to teach myself how to understand and edit html code to edit my theme! One of the side bars is now on the right, I think it looks a lot more balanced now :)

What do you guys think??

Check it out here

Theme Number 10 : Abi

Features :

  • 1 column
  • home, ask, archive, theme links
  • your title
  • your description

You can easily customize :

  • 8 customizable links (use 0 to 8 links)
  • Sidebar pic
  • Round corners or not
  • infinite scroll or not
  • Caption for pics and photosets or not

Available in these color schemes :

Theme Number 5 : Links everywhere

This theme is made for bloggers looking for a lot of space for links!

You can easily customize :

  • Background color or background image
  • Highlight color (link titles, link hover, etc…)
  • Blog title color
  • 2 columns or 3 columns!
  • Upload your sidebar picture!
  • You can use a lot of space in the sidebars, for text or for links :-)

Live Preview & Code

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