You ask me, ‘How did conditioning start originally?’ It starts with every child, because the parents would like the child to be just a carbon copy of them. Their ego would like the child to represent them—their philosophy, their religion, their ideology, their politics, their nationality, their race, everything. The child has to be the carrier, the vehicle, the medium of all their ambitions and desires, of all their frustrations, failures. They are hoping, ‘We will die but part of us will live in the child’—so program the child in such a way that ‘what we have not been able to achieve, he will achieve.’ They are trying to enforce their ambitions on the child; that’s how conditioning begins. They are not allowing the child to be himself. No parent ever allows the child to be himself; it has not happened up to now. That’s why humanity is living in such misery: because no child is allowed to be himself. How can he be happy? Happiness happens only when you are authentically yourself.
—  Osho