anonymous said:

This is question!anon. On your about post it said "I keep 13 blogs open in one window at all times" so.. which blogs are those? Can you post links?

Hello there, Question!Anon! Oh goodness, people actually read that post today? I will post links for you, yes. I have a question for you, too: why are you on anonymous?

  1. Tori
  2. Christine (Cas)
  3. Steph
  4. Lucy
  5. Madison
  6. Mariah
  7. Gabriela
  8. Katie
  9. Amanda
  10. Kevin
  11. Ahle
  12. Emily
  13. Shelby, but her blog is private and I want to respect that.


uhh, i’ve never even heard of that blog, idk who that is

ambiiien. formerly thedeanwinchester. my dean. tori.

yes, of course i follow her.

what can i say about this amazing lady? she is my everything. words cannot describe how much i love her. she is beautiful and talented and kind, and everything i could ever want in a girlfriend.

and i’m going to stop there, before i write an essay on why i love my girlfriend lolol