I will admit that the only idea I have for these characters is it being about your generic evil wizard/sorceress whose right-hand-man is an ambiguously gendered warrior unicorn who follows her around on her revenge journey basically just because it’s really into her and she’s super confused by it because a) she’s old fashioned and never considered being anything but straight and b) it’s a genderless unicorn. I’m gonna think about it more.


I really struggle to understand how the EAH team screwed up their diversity in cast SO royally. Do they not know that POC dolls are always coveted & wanted and bought? And why is it that every ambiguous tale that had no race attached usually turned into a white character? They have had opportunity after opportunity to add them in but kept failing to do so.

Like, how does this happen? Do they really not see people of color or realize that we want representation? Or see that the wealth of it in MH is a large part of what makes that franchise so beloved? (Not that MH doesn’t have its own issues {*side-eyes Jinafire’s music/characterization*} but it’s generally better about representation & diversity)

I truly don’t get it.

anonymous said:

Im still confused about listen. Was the monster real? If not, what was under the covers in ruperts bed? If so, whats to be said of the significance of claras accidental visit to gallifrey?

I think that was part of the genius of “Listen”, actually. It’s up for us to decide if the monster was real. It’s left deliberately ambiguous, and there are plausible explanations on both sides. 

Personally, I think the real monster of “Listen” was our own fear. There are very plausible explanations for everything that happened. A child, woken by Clara and Danny’s conversation, hiding under the covers of Rupert’s bed. Decreasing atmospheric pressure creating banging sounds that sound like a knock on the door, and decreasing pressure on one side of the door forcing it to open when unlocked. The Doctor’s childhood dream was just Clara reaching out from under the bed, trying to stop him from meeting his future self. Our fear can create a monster where none exists.

Here’s a story from my childhood: I used to be scared of our air conditioner. The air passed through the grate in my bedroom first, and the grate was right over my bed, so I always felt a strong whiff of air whenever it turned on. It felt like someone breathing down my neck. And it was loud, always starting with an enormous BANG. One night, when I was half asleep, it turned on with a cracking bang that sounded like a gunshot (this was at a time that there were quite a few school shootings in the US, and I was terrified of being shot). I lay petrified in bed for at least five minutes, fully believing there was someone with a gun in my house, until I finally got out of bed and ran into my parents bedroom, where they reassured me it was just the air conditioner turning on. But my own fear and disorientation had created a danger where there was none. And I think “Listen” really wonderfully explores how that can happen.


Bamon AU - Hand it Over (Cont’ - past Damon’s given sabbatical window.)

"You wanted to know the truth, Bonnie. Give me my stuff back. Start with the ring.”

"You mean the giant tacky one that makes perfect sense now? Hmm." 

"Hey, we’re modern mobsters. That ring is just a non-gangster family thing. Giant gold chains though, totally my brother."


Hand it Over. AU. Damon is forced to take a sabbatical from work after an outburst towards clients. (Considering that this is Damon we’re talking about, it was quite the outburst.) He heads home to Mystic Falls to clear his head, aware that he’s lucky to have a boss who would send him away on paid leave and not take more… drastic actions. 

The truth is that two failed major relationships and a violent job that lately has been renting him out to do dirty work for an annoying bunch of dicks has him wondering why he’s still living the life he is… getting paid for work he rarely enjoys anymore while becoming incrementally isolated every day.

On his first day back in Mystic Falls, Damon decides to go to a grill before bothering with a few groceries. In record time, he manages to offend his waitress, Bonnie Bennett. 

She nicks something of his in retribution.

She doesn’t back down when he shows up again for lunch the next day, not even when he cheekily tells her to return what she’s stolen.

Not that day, the day after, or the day after that.

He winds up visiting her until he’s reached a few days past what was supposed to be the end of his break. His boss tells him that he needs to make a decision.

The Doctor's Mid-Life Crisis

I finally got the time to watch last week’s Doctor Who - this has been a pretty exhausting week, both in awesome ways (Kate Bush) and considerably less awesome.

Anyway, I liked it, as most people did, but something (I think) fairly obvious struck me. This is the third episode in a row in which the Doctor’s role is to have a hypothesis proved wrong (or proved ambiguous, in his case). Daleks can’t be good; Robin Hood is a fake; “Perfect hiders” exist. All assumptions the Doctor states openly, all ultimately either untrue or unprovable (and not the point of what’s going on in the episode).

So this is a theme of sorts in this series - let’s also not forget that there’s a fourth assumption the Doctor has been proved wrong about (“The Promised Land isn’t real”) but he doesn’t know he’s wrong yet, and I’d guess the finale will play out the consequence of that wrong assumption. But it also tells us something about the Doctor’s character in this regeneration.

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Naruto and Sakura feelings toward each other

Regarding people claming that Naruto’s feelings about Sakura is childish crush and that he let her go, I wanted to share some french official traduction. The english traduction is sometimes ambiguous so I’m gonna compare english traduction with french one (and don’t say it’s not a good version because it’s actually from the volumes I bought).

No mention of SS or NH here just pro NS. I’m using mostly pages from chap 457-549

Sai’s memories:



Since you may not be french, I will translate for you. When people say that he doesn’t have romantic feelings for Sakura or that Sai didn’t misunterstood Naruto and that he’s letting go of her, I’ll just tell you one word. WRONG.

  • "You like Sakura, don’t you ?" (english version) -> "Wouldn’t you be in love with Sakura, by any chance ?". (french version)

While Sai is telling "you like" in the english version, leaving a doubt about the nature of his feeling it is clearly said in the french version "in love" leaving no doubt it is romantic feelings.

  • "I read it in a book… people always smile around the people they like. And you’re always smiling at her. Did you tell her about what you feel ?" (english version) -> "I read that in a book, we smile stupidly at the one person we love. And it’s always the case when you look at Sakura. Did you declare your love ?" (french version).

Again, in the english version, the word "like" is used and in the french one, it is "love". And the french traduction adds that his smile to Sakura is the one of an idiot in love with someone.



  • "…How can I ? I can’t even keep my promises" (english version) -> "Like I could do it… Me, the man who can’t keep his promises" (french version)

It has the same significance however, the french one has more impact. It’s not that he doesn’t want to confess but he can’t because he feels unworthy, given by the fact that he didn’t fullfill his lifetime promise yet. He clearly states it is the only reason why he didn’t confess yet.

It is also a proof that he didn’t move on. He’s still in love with her. Except Obito, he is the only one in the manga who didn’t confess to the person concerned. It is obvious to have Naruto (aka the main protagonist of the manga who never gives up) confess sooner or later. Although Sakura might won’t reciprocate his feeling, we still need a closure.

This scene heavily implies that we’ll have this confession once he’ll fullfill his promise of a lifetime.

Sai’s intervention:



  • "Even I can tell that he really loves you" (english version) -> "Even to me, it is plain to see… that Naruto loves you with all his strength" (french version)

This page is so shattering… It shows how Sai makes her realise the weight of his feelings. Yes, this promise was for himself: he wanted to save Sasuke, one of his first bonds he ever had. But it was also his way to express his love to her.

And through her realisation, we saw the pieces we saw but she didn’t. She realised his fake and pained smile was because of his unrequited love and not because Sasuke left. He’s willing to sacrifice his own hapiness just to see her happy with a pained smile on his face he already saw.



It is proven when she said "I’m the one who’s caused him the most pain… I’ve done nothing but make mistakes. I don’t want to make another one."



  • "…the fool’s in love with me…so let me do it." (english version) -> "he’s stupid enough to fall in love with a girl like me. It is I who must persuade him." (french version)

The french version really captured the essence of Naruto and Sakura feelings to each other. Naruto feels unworthy toward Sakura because he didn’t fullfill his promise of a lifetime. Sakura feels unworthy toward Naruto because she hurt his feelings and was clueless about the weight of this promise. That’s why he wants to realise this promise so hard. That’s why she made her “confession”  and she decided she must be the one to kill Sasuke even if it means he might hate hate after.



In conclusion, Naruto’s feelings for Sakura is clear: he’s in love with her. He will confess once his promise realised. Sakura’s exact feelings for him are still unknown, constituing one of the main question of the manga to be answered. Their relationship is one the most pure and selfless (romantic or not, it is debatle for Sakura’s intention).

Ship it or not, but at least appreciate the beauty of the altruism of their actions for each other.



James Bond movie n°27, starring:

Henry Cavill as James Bond
Anthony Mackie as the Bond Boy
Lucy Liu as M
Sebastian Stan as the friendly, ambiguous foe
Scarlett Johansson as the evil mastermind


Okay, but consider this:

Free! Season 3 with Haru, Makoto, Rin and Seijurou forming a university swim team (Haru on freestyle, Makoto on backstroke, Rin on breaststroke since he’s ~mastered all forms~ and Seijurou on butterfly), with Sousuke coaching them. But not swimming, because ahahahahahahahahahahahaha



Meanwhile, Rei and Nagisa form a new high school team (with Gou still as their manager). Maybe Momo transfers and joins them as their new backstroker. 

Also rival university team of female swimmers, all of whom are ambiguously bi/gay except their butterflyer. Also, the three bi/gay ones are all attracted to Gou and Rin is alarmed and Seijurou and Momo are like ‘MORE WORTHY COMPETITION.’

Don’t tell me that wouldn’t be great, guys. 

little did clara know that the second the doctor regeneration-sneezed he went from being an ambiguous love interest to a gay best friend/uncle

anonymous said:

Hi! what do you think of this one: /watch?v=JSoGo2oxG7Y ? I find it interesting idk (you are free to ignore this btw, i know you have a lot of asks already :D) Thanks for everything you do!



If you are straight, think of how you would respond to this ‘question’. I personally would make my sexuality clear first by saying that I can’t come out of the closet, because I’m heterosexual, and then talk about that sexually ambiguous crush. Dan, however, did not clarify his sexuality.

D: Well, that’s a very, very strange and specific situation that I don’t think I’ll ever be in […]

‘I don’t think I will’ does not mean ‘I will not’. ‘I don’t think I will’ means that the speaker is not confident that they will not, so there is still a chance that they might. People that are concealing something often offer weak statements like this one, as they ‘aren’t really lies’. Moreover, this does not tell us anything other than that he doesn’t think he will come out of the closet. That doesn’t mean he isn’t in the closet.

Someone in the comments named Liz Viar pointed out the other thing that I also picked up on, so I’ll quote her as she said it best and I don’t want to steal her thunder:

The way he choses his words is so key. He says “I know she’s a girl, but she kind of looks like a boy.” Not like “I know she looks like a boy but I know it’s still a girl” Do you see what I’m saying? Basically he’s saying “I know it’s a girl but it looks like a boy hens why I’m attracted to her.” BOOM.

The wording Dan used there is a prime example of how we think of something that we don’t want to say, but we end up saying it anyway indirectly. He knows he is attracted to her because of her boyish looks, but he doesn’t say it, because he doesn’t want to reveal that to us, yet we can deduce that thought by reading between the lines.

In regards to Dan’s sexuality, I don’t think this answer tells us anything other than that he is attracted to a girl for her boyish looks and that he doesn’t think he will come out of the closet, but didn’t deny that possibility nor clarify that he isn’t in the closet to begin with. I would probably lean towards bisexuality based on his answer here, but it is possible that he is/was straight possibly with bicurious tendencies, or gay. I don’t think this statement gives us any clear answers.

Have a gorgeous day/night x

anonymous said:

Have you ever met a pony like you before? I know, quite a odd question as everypony is unique in their own way, but have you found anyone that shared similar interests with you? Such as an avid love of reading, magic, organization, etc.

Not an odd question perhaps, but ambiguous. How does one delineate what is sufficiently similar? As you mention, everypony is unique, so in the strictest sense nopony has ever met anypony like them. Of course that level of strictness isn’t very useful, just like any definition of a concept that’s overly specific to the point where nothing matches it.

The same dilemma applies to similar interests, though given the examples you’ve listed, yes, I have met somepony like that. Sun Horse is quite the reader, she has an interest in magic, and obviously cares for organization, being and ruler and all.

In fact, when I read her and her sister’s journal (which I found in the old castle) she reminded me of myself. I’m glad I found it, because it gave me a lot more understanding and appreciation for her to read what she wrote when she was about my age.

I also met myself once, if you want to count that. Well, technically twice, both occurred at the same moment in an observer’s frame of reference, but from my perspective it was one time as me meeting future me and then later me meeting past me. That sort of thing can happen when you use time spells, and gets rather confusing.



075 Solid Geometry (2002)

This is what happens when Scottish people make origami based Sci Fi. 

Or maybe it’s just what happens when Gordon from Local Heroes

aka Ewan McGregor’s actual uncle Denis Lawson adapts an Ian McEwan short story for the small screen. 

Actually, I don’t know, because after multiple viewings of this 24 minute film I’m still not entirely sure what the hell it’s about except that it definitely has something to do with sex and a failing marriage and obsession and math(s) and other dimensions and look I really don’t know.

(Although, having now read the original story for the first time, it does make Ewan’s character Phil’s motivation a lot clearer, but if you just look at the film everything is pretty damn ambiguous.)

Peter only appears for about five minutes in the middle in the 19th century flashbacks — hence the sepia tone to indicate The Past; the rest of the film is normal color — but thanks to Denis Lawson’s love of slidey cam transitions Peter and Ewan and their dueling sideburns do manage to share the screen in one shot.

Also, after watching the film, it would be very wrong to direct anyone to this early 1990s music video on a semi related subject since I suspect it does lower the tone just a bit.

I been feeling like this all night. 

The bigger you climb the smaller your group gets.

Regardless of what fucking flaws Crystal may have, I still love it and will defend it. 

Sure I don’t like the ambiguous camera scene but I talked about it and move on. 

Sure it’s some other things I don’t like but I talked about it and move on.

If you have a problem with that you know where to click because I click that button a lot this evening. 

I don’t give a damn anymore.

Some of my fave blogs are thinking about leaving because they are tried of this fandom shit. 

This fandom needs to grow up. 

I thought all of us was reasonable adults that can treat each other with respect. 

Not little children who needs a diaper change. 

Had to get that off my chest. 

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My love for this video knows no bounds