Perfect Day- Supercell

 It’s a perfect day

Hikokigumo hashitte oikaketa
Itsuka te wa todokutte
Sou shinjiteita kedo
Sora wa amari ni tookatta kara
Chippoke na jibun ga kanashiku omoetanda

( It’s a perfect day, I chased after the contrails,

I believed someday they will reach my hands,
but because the sky is so far away,
the tiny me sadly thought (this can’t be). )

beautiful-yet-deadly-succubus-d asked:

I was wondering if you could make a Suzuya tribute from Starry Sky? :) BTW, love your work, it's amazing. <3

You mean, you want me to make a top5 pictures thingy for Suzuya too or? Sorry about my English orz But if it’s a request, sure I will! :3 unff Suzuyan ♥ & thank you!