It looks a little different now for I have a bigger display cabinet. I have also moved some stuff around and added wall shelves, so will get pictures up soon(ish) of what it looks like. :-)

I have been getting into "spats" with people on facebook...

over my mineral/ crystal collection. They think that with the vastness of what I have that I am a gem’geologist., which is nice and all, but when I say that I am not, they freak out and start questioning me: “why are you on geology page then? Why do you have such a collection then? What’s the point if you’re not studying gem/geology then?”

Well… there are women who really like shoes, I’d prefer crystals to a pair of heels any day, because I really like crystals. There are women who spend their money on make up… I’d much rather have a bag of polished crystals, because I really like crystals. There are women who like chocolates, dinner and a movie…. I’d much rather have a nice fat piece of smoky quartz in place of that. It’ll last me the rest of my life and always bring me happiness… and because  I really like crystals.


What a rare find. For those of you who do not know, I am obsessed with included quartz! And to have found this rare, treat online—a fifteen pound lot!!— made my YEAR! I often buy rough crystals and gemstones for I like caring for them once I get them, cleaning them and then taking their photographs. I did give a few pounds worth to a friend for her birthday and the rest… well… you’ll be seeing more of those in the near future ~_^