The last time my eldest went to see our pedia for consultation due to sickness was August of 2010 ( according to the records ) we only visit our pedia for vaccinations and booster shots. Amber and Mauve hasn’t been admitted to the hospital yet ( thank you Lord for that!!!) My kids, would sometimes catch flu, cold and fever… A normal thing for kids who gets exposed to those virus whenever they get in contact with different people and various places… but they hardly ever get sick. I’m not accustomed seeing them in bed because of fever… esp my eldest. I can hardly remember the last time Amber got sick. So when she went home Tuesday afternoon from school, and complained about not feeling well.. I sent her to bed early and she was up the following day and went to school. I was suprised to receive a call from their school nurse telling me to pick her up early and consult with the doctor. Amber is so upset now that she is on her 3rd day of bedrest. She doesn’t want to miss school. Imagine her happiness when some of the moms of her friends in school paid her a visit and brought along all of these. #GetWellSoon #AmberBear See, how well you are loved!!! #Thankful #Blessed #Humbled #tagsforlikes #bestoftheday #picoftheday #Muffins #OvenGoodness (at @TheHwangs)