Kirkland Signature Amber Ale

San Jose, California

This one’s tolerable.

I should be fair. I never said everything posted would be good. I posted PBR for God’s sake. And I haven’t tried absolutely everything, a few are submitted by others. But for the most part, I know what I like, and I can generally tell up front.


Tröegs “Nugget Nectar”

94 A-

Nugget Nectar is a seasonal Amber/Red Ale, available in 22 oz. bombers from February through March. Again, we find another label reading “Imperial Amber Ale,” though this style doesn’t officially exist. Obviously, the industry likes how the term suggests a bigger beer (despite the same, standard ABV). I’d like to thank Holly George of Pittsburgh, PA for her donation of this bottle. You can see Holly’s amazing taste for yourself by visiting herbeer blog. Aromas open up with juicy hops that come across a little bit like nectarine, other stone fruits, and hints of tropical fruit. Grassy, herbal, pine-based hints on the back-end. Malts bring out a toasted bread character with heavy sweet notes like caramel and honey.

The palate makes its introduction with sour grapefruit juice and sweet toffee, all held over toasted grains that carry bready tendencies. Floral notes descend toward a big body of dank, grassy hops as bitterness advances. Hop oils coagulate into hints of pine. The heavy weight of the hops falls into a secondary pool of sweetness, where to two intertwine, departing with a flavor like orange zest. Mouthfeel provides gentle carbonation with equal parts wet and dry, boasting a medium-full body. Drinkability is superb when considering the overall weight of the beer.

Hops are the leading force here, as you should have guessed, but I find considerable balance thanks to the unrelenting foundation of malt. I was surprised to find an IBU placed at 93, because although it is indeed bitter, it really doesn’t comes across near that harsh, due to the tilting of weight as sweet malts slowly exchange with herbal hops. As for this style, I think Nugget Nectar outperforms most of its competition. Even with its sturdy malt backbone, and big hop delivery, I don’t find this worthy of the term “Imperial.” Regardless of the label, this is a great tasting beer with all the hop flavor you’d expect to find in an IPA, but with the rich malt presence and drinkability of an Amber Ale. I recommend it!

Known Malts: Pilsner, Vienna, Munich

Known Hops: Nugget, Warrior, Tomahawk, Simcoe, Palisade


93 IBU

Hershey, Pennsylvania


Had some goodies at World of Beer SMU!

Ocho Reales Amber Ale from Sierra Madre Brewing in Monterey, Mexico, Mothers Little Fracker Stout from Revolver and An Old FogHorn Barleywine Ale from Anchor Brewing.

I have been stopping into this WOB since it opened and I hit my 100th different beer on this trip. Took me long enough, geez. Gotta get back on track!


Deschutes “Cinder Cone”

90 A-

Cinder Cone is an Amber (Red) Ale, which is available throughout the year in 22 oz. bombers. Aromas are characteristic of the style with evident caramel sweetness, along with hints of roasted grain husk. Hop notes give an immediate impression of sour orange zest. Floral, herbal undertones come in the form of grass and evergreen.

The palate is initiated by a supportive backbone of caramel and bread, which remain steady for the entire duration. In terms of style, the barley roast grows to be quite robust. Amarillo hops take the lead in a citrus character, which is dominated by orange and tangerine. Mild fruity overtones then wash over. Tettnang hops fall to the back in a unique combination of flowers, grass, and spice. A bitterness of 55 IBU’s settles comfortably on the aftertaste, where sour highlights continue to radiate. The mouthfeel brings a creamy texture over standard body weight, leaving behind moderate astringency with a crisp, clean departure.

Amber Ales were my first favorite beer style, because the hops typically aren’t overbearing on the bitterness, yet still provide some of the more pleasant flavors. An agreeable ratio of sweet, bitter, and sour tastes in accordance to proper style guidelines. It’s got enough West-Coast flare to suit modern taste, so in order to like it, you must have at least some tolerance to hops. Deschutes aren’t known for drawing outside the lines, so it resides within obvious parameters, and generally won’t impress you with much novel flavor. I find it a bit strange this is exclusively sold in bombers, but I guess this makes sense, because Deschutes have an extensive lineup. Cinder Cone is a well-balanced, easy to drink brew that was designed for those of you who like the malts just as much as the hops. I recommend it.

Malts: Roasted barley, Caramel

Hops: Amarillo, Tettnang



55 IBU

Bend, Oregon


こんばんは. 今日はデイ・オブ・ザ・デッドのアンバーエールのレビューをご紹介します. このシリーズはポーター,IPAに続き3つ目で,フォロワーさんがアップされていたので気になって飲んでみました. ホップにはペルレ,カスケード,マグナムが使われています.

最近は若干レビュー疲れしているので申し訳ありませんが,更新頻度を落とそうと思います. 体調が悪いとかそういうのではありません. 無理にレビューするのもどうかなと思うようになってきたのでのんびりやっていこうかなという感じです. よろしくお願いします.

ディア・デ・ロス・ムエルトス (デイ・オブ・ザ・デッド) デス・ビカムズ・ユー アンバーエール
Dia De Los Muertos (Day of The Dead) Death Becomes You Amber Ale

製造会社:セルベセリア・メキシカーナ 可変資本型株式会社
Brewery:Cerveceria Mexicana S.A. De C.V.

Beer Style:American-style Amber Ale

How to Ferment:Top Fermentation

アルコール & ボディ:5.5% & ミディアムフル
Abv & Body:5.5% & medium-bodied to full-bodied

ratebeer:27 pts. (102 ratings)
Beeradvocate:77 pts. (13 ratings)

泡(Foam):立ち方は標準的で,細かいです. This beer bubbles normally and the foam is good.

香り(Aroma):ホップ由来の特にオレンジなどを思わせるシトラスアロマ,フローラルアロマ,そしてローストモルト由来の香ばしい香りです. 全体としてはホップアロマが優勢ですが,モルトアロマもしっかり感じられます. This beer has a citrus aroma particularly like orange, a floral fragrance from hop and a roasted smell of malt. Overall, hop aromas are stronger, but a malt smell is felted decently.

味(Palate):チョコレートやカラメルなどを思わせるローストモルトの香ばしい味わいがしっかりと感じられ,ホップ由来のオレンジのようなシトラスやハーブのようなフレーバーが豊かです. 中~強炭酸で,バランスの良い味わいです. 甘みはありますが穏やかで,酸味は苦みにより穏やか,苦みはIBUの値の割には苦く感じます. IBUは国際苦味単位のことです. A roasted taste of chocolate or caramel is decent, a citrus (orange) flavor and an herbal one is rich. The carbonation is medium to strong, the sweetness and the sourness are mild and the bitterness is stronger than the value of IBU.

総合(Overall):ビールレビューサイトratebeerでの点数がかなり低いこのビールですが,十分美味しかったです. アンバーエールで気になりがちな酸味がホップの苦みで上手くカバーされており,イングリーディエントそれぞれの味わいが生かされたビールだったと思います. コスパも良いですし,気軽に楽しめるビールとして今後も重宝しそうです. The point of this beer on ratebeer is very low, but it is nicer than expected. The cost-performance is relatively good.


Odell “Runoff Red”

95 A

This Amber Ale is a spring seasonal available January through April. It’s actually a re-brand of “Red Ale,” and the old recipe hasn’t been altered in any way. Aromas have a juicy hop appeal, plenty of grapefruit, grass, and bready malts with softly sweet toffee buried below. It’s lovely.

Palate flavors begin with a malt sweetness with suggestions of caramel. Quick fruity notes arise toward the middle, resembling plum and tart cranberry. A light coating of bitterness washes into a body of grass with hints of evergreen. Malts breathe a second wind with bread and biscuit flavors. Hops close on the high register with clementine and grapefruit rind, followed by a dash of spice. Mouthfeel is creamy over a medium-thin body that finishes dry with snappy carbonation.

Sweet, bitter, and sour notes meld together really nicely. Drinkability is excellent because the balance is perfect. Hop flavor is high, and bitterness is low. Since the hop level hits above average for the standard “Amber Ale” style, this is deserving of the fusion title “Red IPA,” which if seriously recognized would help establish more distinct boundaries among this sort of modern style-blending. Runoff Red has long been one of my favorite amber ales, and I will continue to look forward to it each year. I recommend it!


50 IBU

Fort Collins, Colorado