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QUESTIONS I have to answer:

1) The end of the world is coming, what do you do your last night/day being alive?

Are we talking like the complet obliteration of the earth where everyone ceases to exist, or the world just stops and everyone is eaten by zombies, because that determines my decision…

2)Dream vacation?

It’s probably not as great as I thi k it is, but I really would like to travel around the UK for at least 2 weeks. It sounds lame, but it’s something I want to do, and not many other places interest me as much.

3)Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully with some sort of job, at uni, with my own car…

4)Favorite websites?

Etsy, ThinkGeek,,

5)Last movie you saw and would your recommend it?

I saw ‘Argo’ last night, and oh my god, I have never screamed so loudly at a screen in my life. It was so intense. GO AND WATCH IT!

6) How many pairs of shoes do you own?

7 pairs of converse, and the rest hardly matter but all together I have 15 pairs

7)Dream pet?

A feline chimera: cat with two types of DNA, from two embryos fusing together in the womb. They are awesome! (They are the cats with a different colour on each half of their face)

8) Your ship(s) and your OTP/BrOTP?

JACK/IANTO! John/Sherlock, Dean/Cas, Ten/Rose, and Dean/Sam and Donna/Ten as BrOTP

9) Favorite celebrity and have you met them? Pics?

John Barrowman! That man is adorable, and no I sadly haven’’t met him.

10) Do you want to go to college or uni and what major?

I want to go to University for Psycology.

11) Favorite blogs to go to?

There are heaps that I had saved but I can’t find where they are…

Okay now for you to answer:

1. Tea or Coffee?

2. How many books do you actually own?

3. Favourite TV show?

4. If you were told you could only live off one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

5. How many social networking site accounts do you have? What are they?

6.You are given $1000, what do you buy?

7. Would you rather break your dominant arm or one leg?

8. Ho long have you been stuck on Tumblr? That’s right, you can’;t escape

9. What fandoms are you in?

10. DC or Marvel?

11. If you had 5 bullets, name one celebrity you would kill.

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