Basically a few days ago I reached 1.5K which means it’s time for my 3rd official follow forever :) here we goooo! 

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Thank you to everyone up there (^) for being wonderful ! :D if i forgot some of you i’m very sorry - but basically if I follow you then you’re amazing !

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the first wildlife photographs published by National Geographic back in 1906 were taken by George Shiras III, a politician by day and photographer by night.
To achieve his shots, Shiras pioneered a number of different photo-making methods. One was to float silently across water in complete darkness. When he heard rustling nearby, he would point his camera system and snap a flash photograph in that direction.


Look, I made it better than it already was.


The best Kakashi AMV I’ve ever seen. Sucks they had to reverse the frames so Youtube wouldn’t take it down but damn it, it’s fantastic.