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Justicar Amarynth

Sentinel’s Oath Ward Skin

*Note* The Sentinel’s Oath ward returns this week featuring new VFX. The other, currently unavailable regional wards will be returning in future patches, with visual updates of their own. Stay tuned!

Justicar Amarynth

The torches snapped in the night. Far to the south, the sky blinked and muttered. “Summon the accused,” Amarynth whispered, just above the edge of hearing.

Her warriors were tall and thick, a grove of coral-crusted banyons surrounding the fisherman. He was thin, hollow-cheeked, his shell faded and brittle. His eyes slid away from her veiled face. His hands shook.

“Do you remember the world before the towers fell?” she breathed. “When all things occurred at once?”

“No, priestess.”

“Do you trust that I recall it?”

“Yes, priestess.”

She was silent, watching him twitch. The southern sky pulsed with brilliance. Phosphorescent fires of onrushing tide shattered across the rocks. At last, she whispered, “You have eaten the flesh of the albatross.” Every part of him sank; eyes, chin, shoulders. “The birds carry tempests on their wings. Now that storm lies within you. The sky bears down upon us.”

The sea trembled in his eyes. “I was alone so long on those rocks. Wrecked. There was nothing. My spear was broken.”

Amarynth raised a stilling hand. “In this guise, it is not my role to forgive,” she said. “Only to judge. The Spirits’ ways are true because they are.”

He set his teeth and pulled in a drought of humid air. “What must I do?”

She folded her hands. “There are two paths. You can lead the storm away.”

“Exile?” he said, voice paper-thin and pale as pain. He looked out over the horizon, to the rock he’d clung to for weeks. The sky cracked and pealed.

She whispered, “Or you must scatter it on the rocks.”

He bowed his head. Water darkened the sand.

They gathered below the headland to honor his passing. He did not scream as he fell.

The High Priestess of the Shorewind fills many roles for her people; wise-woman and moral compass, healer and councilor, oracle and historian, temporal and spiritual leader. Occasionally, she must don the guise of a Justicar, in a ceremonial costume of dispassionate and fearsome aspect.