New clothes now available for download:

  • 5 Amaryll Vests with Black Dress Pants [full-body outfits]
    • formal + everyday
    • adult only
    • new mesh with fit/fat/pregnant states [2170 polys]
    • Nearly all the credit for the vests/shirt/tie goes to Amaryll.  She originally made them as separate tops which you can download HERE. Thanks, Amaryll!  I edited their mesh a bit though - added a pregnant state, thickened the waist, and closed some gaps at the waist and chest.  You can get my edited top mesh HERE.  Make sure you only install one of the top meshes… not both.

Here, have some (8, to be precise) pants for your lovely sim-ladies. :)

The credit-inclusive description of these are quite the mouthful, are you ready for it? *takes deep breath* — this up in here is Bunhead’s shoeswap of Sentate’s cigarette pants with Yuxi’s textures and Amaryll’s heels in 8 new colors; 5 by Poppet and 3 by Anna, recolored by yours truly. Puh. Why make it simple, right?

The mesh is included along with a swatch of the colors so you can delete any you don’t want. ^_^

alt. download (mediafire)

So… I promised to post some other birthday gifts I had received, so here they are :D

First gift is from YanderePlumSims ( :D )

2 sets of skirts, one with flats, and the other one with tights and sneakers, for both TF and AF. They come in 8 colours, Beige, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and White. (That means, original colours + CuriousB’s “Mango” and “Meadow” colours)

Credits goes to Skell for the original Dada Skirt, Amaryll for the Flats, Sentate for the Sneakers, CuriousB for the extra colours, and of course, YanderePlumSims for the new versions. Thank you so much for them sweetheart, I love them and I’m already using them to no end <3

Oh, btw, download link is right HERE

EDIT: There was a problem with the fatmorph of the “Clouds” version, and Yander has fixed them ever since. Fixed version is Here!!

Happy simming, and thank you a lot guys!!

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this guy calem, my neighbor back home, keeps following me around places. he’s not too obnoxious, at least, but i do kind of wish he would bother me less.

we went to the fossil lab here in ambrette together, and it looks like we’re both going to be making our ways to glittering cave to look for fossils.

i suppose i should learn to put up with him.

is this what mom meant by ‘making friends’?


As a birthday present to myself I finished some stuff I’ve been working on & has been on my wishlist for awhile.

First up to two tops converted to elder female. Rented Space’s 3t2 Balloon Sleeve Top & Amaryll’s Glitter Top in Misstiikeri’s Post Blue & Crazy Horse recolors. Both tops have all morphs.

Polycount= 2,224

Download Balloon Sleeve Top

Polycount= 1,460

Download Misstiikier Post Blue & Crazy Horse tops

Next, I needed something for my gardeners so I mashed-up Trapping’s 3t2 denim rolled jeans with her 3/4 sleeve flannel shirt & the gardener belt for adult females. And for adult males the same pair of jeans, the gardener belt, & Trapping’s Fanseelamb cowboy top. I also defaulted this outfit so you have a chose between defaults or custom. Only one recolor each. Has all morphs for both.

Polycount (male)= 3,248

Polycount (female)= 3,274

Download Gardener Mash-up (Custom)

aubodygardener: 1,2- replaced with my mesh-Download

I also edited Ms Crumplebottoms outfit. She’s a classy lady so I figured she should have some real pearls instead of painted on ones. And she didn’t really feel like a Orthopedic footwear type, so I swapped her shoes with a pair from AparmentlLife. The mesh for the necklace came from Ninthwavesims. Outfit has all morphs. One recolor only. You have two options, again between default or custom.

Polycount= 8,536

Download Ms Crumplebottom (Custom)

efbodycrumplebottom replaced with my mesh-Download

Enjoy! ♥