My name is Amanda but you can call me Rae! (much faster anyways)

I’ve recently fell in love with traveling and backpacking! and this blog serves to relive those memories and offer advice to future travelers who maybe haven’t backpacked before. (which why haven’t you bought a plane ticket yet?)

As well as how to keep your restless mind at bay because after you come back to reality from a two month trip you start to lose it a little…

Hope it finds you well!!

<3 Rae

Keep Traveling, Exploring, and creating!!

On another note;

I’m really glad I talked to my bestfriend. Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m losing her and I think that just made me irritatingly clingy. (Haha at least I admit it I suppose) I miss her and I feel like we’re drifting but i don’t want that. It felt good to know I was still the number she dialed when she needed someone, when she was upset, or just needed to talk. It made me feel good that she knows how much she means to me and that i’m always there for her. I always will be. I’m not going anywhere.