For Isaac

I think I love you like the sea loves the shore because it gets to touch the surface and take back some tiny bits to cherish and turn around it its hands - 

I think I love you like the wind loves a bird because it gets to help them reach their destination without even knowing what it is - 

I think I love you like the moon loves the sun because the moon shares its light just so the moon can glow - 

I think I love you like a train loves its tracks because without it it would keep going - 

I think I love you like words love a voice to express their meaning -

I think I love you like - 

I think I love you - 

I think I -



It’s story time once again! This one’s very similar to "Darkness" but I like it a fair bit more than that one. No gore warning this time. This one features a famous sculptor who’s been working on the same sculpture for nearing two years and lives alone in his cabin, thinking of his once-lively relationship with a famous painter and how it all came to a cold stop.

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This one was another prompt by Amanda, because I like writing stories for her. She wanted a dark story about blindness and this is what I gave her. It’s not my best and it’s not entirely about blindness, but darkness is what I’m good at. This is only the second or third time I’ve written from a plot or theme prompt, so I wasn’t able to write it the way I usually write things. It feels kind of sloppy but I usually feel that way about a story written from a prompt like this, rather than from myself.

It ended up being more about becoming blind rather than blindness itself, but the theme is still…sort of there, right?

Very minor gore warning near the end.

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