Here’s an illustration I did to accompany a Hanukkah poem for the December 2014 issue of Highlights Fun with a Purpose. I did this illustration back in the summer and am now able to show it.

I remember reading Highlights magazine in the waiting rooms of the doctors and dentists I visited as a child, so being able to illustrate for the magazine was an amazing opportunity!

Humongous Thanks goes to my AD Patrick Greenish!

check out my Instagram for a photo peek at how the illustration looks in-magazine - but also definitely check out the magazine for yourself ;)

I saw a lot of people on the subways during my stay in NYC and this is a sketch of a man who I remember vividly. On the J train to Brooklyn this man got on at the Essex/Delancey stop (I think). He had very long brown dreds and was wearing tattered clothing and was on his phone for most of the trip-not sure if he was homeless or not. He had a chain leash for his black pitbull which looked either very tired or very sad during the train ride and rested their head on a black bag the man was carrying. He got off at the same stop I had to get off at and that was the last I saw of him. The sad eyes of his pitbull are still very vivid in my memory.