Matty stringently sticks to the only casual uniform option which does not have a Cerberus logo on it. Ultimately it’s adding terrible insult to injury that when he wakes up on Project Base he is not only a prisoner of indoctrinated scientists, but he is wearing the Cerberus insignia plastered on both shoulders.

I may have commented on this before but am I the only person who thinks Amanda Kenson really sounds like she’s narrating some sort of science documentary a lot of the time?

Like her voice legit sounds like someone you’d hear on the Discovery Channel.

  • Campbell:Two weeks ago, an Alliance operative named Amanda Kenson was sent undercover in batarian space. She reported that she'd found evidence of an impending Reaper invasion, but since then, we've lost contact with her. We've tracked her last known position to a batarian prison out in the Terminus Systems. Apparently she's facing some serious terrorism charges.
  • Snake:Sounds like someone's just trying to keep her quiet. You think they're indoctrinated?
  • Campbell:We can't know for sure without more evidence.
  • Snake:So what's the mission?
  • Campbell:You're going to infiltrate the batarian prison, rescue Dr. Kenson, and learn anything you can about the Reaper invasion.
  • Snake:Simple enough. What's the catch?
  • Campbell:The batarians can't know about this. If they knew the Alliance sent soldiers to infiltrate their secret prison camp, it could start an all-out war with the council races. Remember, this is a sneaking mission, Snake. That means you go in solo, and leave no trace that you were ever there.
  • Snake:I never like having to rely on backup anyway.
  • Campbell:There's one more thing, Snake.
  • Snake:What is it?
  • Campbell:This isn't just about galactic security. Dr. Kenson is a friend of mine. Keep her safe.
  • Snake:I'll do my best, Colonel.