Some more Paw Patrol model sheet stuff that I drew :) The first 3 images are the final designs that I submitted for Chase, Rubble, and Skye. Their models changed a bit as they went into 3d and continued to get developed. I didn’t design Ryder.

When I came onto the show, there were already a lot of preliminary designs done, so I just helped get the dogs closer to a style that the clients liked.
I believe they all liked the way I tapered the legs out at the bottoms, they were looking for designs that would translate well into toys.
There was a lot of tweaks to the designs as we went along, so I would always have to update the model sheets.  It was easier to redraw/trace the same poses though, but I didn’t quite like how Rocky, Marshall, and Zuma’s final sheets came out, so I decided to just show a few earlier sketches that were a bit more loose, although not the final designs. For a while no body knew what kind of dog Rocky should be, so he went though a lot of changes (the tan dog on the last page).

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His baby brother had been wild as a winter storm since he learned Robb was riding off to war, weeping and angry by turns. He’d refused to eat, cried and screamed for most of a night, even punched Old Nan when she tried to sing him to sleep, and the next day he’d vanished. Robb had set half the castle searching for him, and when at last they’d found him down in the crypts, Rickon had slashed at them with a rusted iron sword he’d snatched from a dead king’s hand, and Shaggydog had come slavering out of the darkness like a green-eyed demon. The wolf was near as wild as Rickon; he’d bitten Gage on the arm and torn a chunk of flesh from Mikken’s thigh. It had taken Robb himself and Grey Wind to bring him to bay. Farlen had the black wolf chained up in the kennels now, and Rickon cried all the more for being without him.