Sorry if anyone is getting nauseated by the abundance of yellow on my blog. Gratuitous trivia about self: When I was in a school that actually followed its house system quite seriously, the colour of the house I was in was…yellow!! Ha, you saw that coming, dincha?

Ok, that’s all for today. 5 uploads I think. Listen to this song, its very mushy, and in case anyone’s interested, this is the school I went to and the website is crappy, consider yourself warned. The yellow house was called Tunstall, there was a red one called Miles, the green was called Neal, and the blue was Collie. All named after the British headmistresses from the pre-independence era. We were actually given plus and minus points for good homework, and mischief, respectively, that sort of thing. Lovely school. Full of ghosts and stuff. Gosh, why am I being so nostalgic today?