“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”
—  Hunter S. Thompson

"He who laughs last,

       Laughs best!”.

A whole plate of Chow Mein on his silk shirt, I got even for the Scorpion Bowl in my eyes, ahhh, sweet revenge! 


This would be Stevie’s exact look (back in 1972, when we were living together with Lindsey) as she would have had taking my clothes (stinky socks included) to the laundromat. This is before hazmat suits & she was not happy, to say the least. She gave me the quarters to get it done & with interest, I owe her about $37,000 dollars now. Got a loan anyone?

p.s. Now you guys know what this blog is really about, bumming the money from you guys to pay an old debt to Stevie. lol




REMEMBER THAT BAND FROM THE 90s CALLED S CLUB 7 THAT HAD LIKE 10 MEMBERS? (There was actually 7 members, hence the 7 in the band name) They also had a TV show that I watched religiously. Anyhow, all seven members are reuniting for one show and one show only to support BBC Children In Need Appeal show on November 14th. According to the band, "This is going to be the mega S Club party of all time!”

In case you don’t remember them (how could you?), let me refresh your memory. They sang “S Club Party,” “Never Had A Dream Come True,” “Bring It All Back,” and “Have You Ever.” 

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to go buy a plane ticket and a ticket to the show because AINT NO PARTY LIKE AN S CLUB PARTY.


rachelbearenson said:

So if Willow's the one who ends up continuing in ~the family business~, what if she takes up Mabel's old alias/nickname of "Mizar"? And the alias could become part of the family's paranormal-investigation tradition (with Dipper continuing to work with those who continue it). Originally, Willow just happened to use it as a fake name on a mission, but when she admitted it to Mabel, she didn't get mad but just enthusiastic about the idea of the name being something they could share and pass on.


anonymous said:

hc: the triplets ask dipper (and his now infinite knowledge) to teach them different languages; both current and ancient ones.

Yes but it’s not as easy as you may think.

Because just giving someone that much knowledge….Dipper can’t do that. He can’t give that to the kids for a few pieces of candy. There is going to have to be something taken in return.

I see the kids asking Dipper this when they are thirteen or fourteen and Dipper hedges and says he’s going to need to talk with their parents first.

So after a bit Henry and Mabel and Dipper sit down and tell the triplets yes you can do this…but only for one language because you’re going to have to give up something big to gain this knowledge.

(Acacia went sheet white and Dipper smiled a bit sadly. He patted his oldest niece’s hand. “Nothing crazy kid, just like…um, giving up chocolate for a year. Sacrifice, dear.”)

Having freaked out the kids sufficiently, they have them further think about it for a few months before going through with it.

(Henry and Mabel argued back and forth a bit on if they’d allow the triplets to do this but Mabel won in the end. “Besides,” she told Henry. “It’s a good way to learn about sacrifice, and responsibility, and a whole new language! Henry still looked worried, so she rolled over on the bed to cuddle next to him. “Besides, this is Dipper we’re talking about. He’d never, ever, hurt them.” Henry relaxed slightly. “Point.”)

Eventually all three make their deals with Uncle Dipper: Acacia will not climb a tree for a whole year and in return learns Spanish, Hank gives up video games for the same period and learns Chinese, and Willow promises not to summon fire and learns Sumerian in return.

(her siblings looked at her. “What? It’s what all the older magical texts use. I can learn Spanish next year at school.”