The Night’s Watch is your house now. We are your brothers now.”


It’s a curse, i definitely have a curse… I am the only one affected and the only one who dies and is torn apart on the inside. She will never know how she makes my blood boil and makes me want to scream. Oh no she won’t find out though because we have to be precious angels around her, adoring and worshiping her. You think that i could live one day happily with nothing wrong, those days are as common as finding a four leaf clover now. I always and always will have someone there waiting to ruin my day even if its 11:59pm something will happen. I am sick of being frustrated and being the only one impacted by people who can’t understand their rudeness and effect on me. 


anonymous asked:

17, 23, 24

17: sealed! You could say that I`m an open book, even though I keep a lot for myself…A lot of the feelings that I have I overplay. Most of all to defend myself.. and because I think no one would understand them. 

 lonely but also protected! I am an only child so I never really had someone who was there for me. That`s why me friends mean the world to me. They are the only siblings I have. I don`t know what I would do without them… 

Oh and I`m a little weird but in a good way :)

23:  I guess. It may help finding out who you are and what you want. Otherwise you could hurt the person you love. And who knowns, maybe when you come back you might even love them a bit more. 

24: One thing I really adore is when a person talks about something there really passionate about. You can see it in there eyes. You can see there true personality 


When did I become play-doh with sex organs?
Where are my ocean eyes, Shirley dimples, body language? Where is my passion, adoration, understanding? Are these things that never existed? Why’s there only one man who at the very least pretended? Am I better off? Did he really ever care? Why my friend? Why me? Why couldn’t I except it? How does someone love you? Were my lip bites really that debilitating to him? Why did this flow evolve from a simple sentence in this stupid book? Why can’t I find it? Will I ever be in love again? My head is reprimanding me for allowing it to tire. Why? Because when the head tires the heart takes advantage. Fuck 3 am and my pathetic heart.

Am I the only one who finds poorly written and bad love songs so good, adorable, cute and full of happiness? The way he says “I’m a mess” just makes me feel like smiles and want to be in his shoes. lol

I just saw “baby boy Washington” enter life with a cry. He does not yet know how much he will have to cry about. His mother is unmarried and does not want him. He will be turned over to the city for a life of not being wanted. This is true for more than one third of all the hundreds of babies delivered here. I don’t think his prospects are very good for finding love, happiness, joy, purpose…. I am not depressed — only filled with wonder. Wonder at the glory and tragedy of life in this city. In a little while I will drive home and can count on being struck again by the New York skyline — a never failing object of adoration. The city and the potential of the civilization it represents — to this I am religiously committed. And to the ways of the God who brought it into being. “What is man, that you keep him in mind?” Little baby boy Washington — fear not, He has redeemed you. He has called you by the name you do not yet have, you are His! I cannot guarantee you that this is true. It may be a pious illusion. But it is better than what is called the truth by men, but just must be illusion. You are not alone.
—  Richard John Nuehaus, quoted in a review of Randy Boyagoda’s new biography by Alan Jacobs