do ppl on tumblr realize that not everything is black and white

Okay, so here's the plan:

We take Frank’s car, go round Gerard’s, go in, deal with Mikey - “Sorry, Mikey!” - go to Ray’s, pick him up, bring everyone to Disneyland, have a cup of coffee and wait for this whole thing to blow over.

Gerard tweets out of context #1/?


from dusk till dawndtd meme | [1/7] scenes: “everybody  b e  c o o l.”


Serendipity by *Nymre


There’s only one person in the world who can do as he pleases with me.

”…because the fans are so sure that Klaine exists, and a lot of fans think that Glee is a documentary.”


I think there was one part Lauren questioned who she even trusted with her kokoro because the moment we arrive, my mom brings out this bag and just “empty the bottles of water, Elma” and Lauren is like “??? What?” I tell her, “Mom told me to fill up 5 bottles of water. I told her we wouldn’t need to drink and eat this much since it was only two/four hours. NOW. I HAVE TO EMPTY. ALL 5 BOTTLES THAT I FILLED.” she just gave me this look of confusion and then “Oh my god…are you serious?” We just started laughing because it was so inconvenient for me to hold other things and then empty all the bottles at the same time and just,

The pointless effort. xD

*aggressively has hormones*

wow podficing is such fun i this is srsly the best day ive had this year. maybe since september. not even a shitty final brought this day down. wowe. i am defs going to make this a hobby.

quinnsdesign replied to your post: So without going into to much detail, …

YOUCH good luck with that *asks the Treemen to send food and comfy blankets when you get home*

omg, I don’t think he’d do it today! This is just to tell him what’s happening and that it’s been recommended I get one and no one else seems to want to and if he will. I really hope he’s not like “yeah ok cool lay back, lets see” because HOLD UP I NEED TO MENTALLY PREPARE

Mom keeps insisting that if I ever have children that they will call her “Grammy.” Which is a horrible name.

I keep insisting that I will never have children (I have a list of reasons.) so she says that’s what my cats are calling her.