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For any and all: If you played D&D (or if you do) what would your character's alignment be?

Halla: Chaotic Pink.

Michael: That’s not an alignment.

Halla: We’ve been together how long and you  don’t think Chaotic Pink is an aligment?

Michael: On second thought, you’re right. You are Chaotic Pink. I, however, am Chaotic Neutral.

Layla: I have no idea what you’re talking about. Can I say Dramatic Teal?

Michael: No.

Halla: Yes.

Layla: Okay, I’m Dramatic Teal. With Pearls.

Halla: Oh, oh, then I’m Chaotic Pink with Glitter.

Layla and Halla fist bump and then both say, “Balalalaa” and giggle.

Richard: Neutral evil.

Layla: You are not neutral evil. You just play it on television.

Richard: Fine, what alignment do you think I am, sweetness?”

Layla: Is Perfect Perfect an option?

Michael: No.

Halla: Yes.

Richard: I think I’ll go with with true neutral.

Tom: Neutral good.

Anna: I think I’m neutral good, too.

Ben: Chaotic good.

Wren: Probably neutral good? I never played the game, but that sounds about right.

Nora: Why do I still not understand what anyone is talking about?

Henry: You’re lawful good, sunshine. And I’m probably neutral good.

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Personally I am divided on the circumcision issue and I am not so sure as to why. Consciously I know that it is not right as you are performing a cosmetic surgery on someone who is not able to comprehend let alone consent to it. But on the other hand part of me thinks that it is not all that bad. Yes it's done without consent but I don't see it as harmful per say, just unnecessary. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Try to think of it this way. How would you feel if someone told you they had strapped their infant down and cut off their earlobes without anesthesia, or had pulled out their toenails? I’m pretty sure you would have some kind of emotional response, right?

Now both those things aren’t the most painful in the world, the infant probably won’t remember it, and will grow up with little to no difference made to their life. With proper medical care the wounds will heal no problem, and you won’t have to cut your babies toenails or wash behind their earlobes again, sounds perfect right? No real harm done, and it’s even cleaner!


So why is it that you find the idea of a babies toenails being pulled off repulsive, and not the idea of a part of it’s genitals being cut off?

Because circumcision has become so normalised in our society that we see it as different, but it isn’t, it’s exactly as disgusting. The thought of any person going through such pain makes us cringe, so why is it ok for a newborn? Because they can’t remember it? Does that make date rape ok? Or child abuse of an infant? We find these things disgusting because the thought of anyone going through needless pain is uncomfortable for us, even more so when it’s a child.

So why is it a crime to cut your babies earlobes off, but not their foreskin?

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If Bellamy dies I will stop watching. Not out of spite, not to prove a point, not to show how ungrateful I am, but because he is my favorite character, I started watching the show for Bellarke (and frankly got much less than I thought I would be getting - I didn't know how UNofficial they were as romantic interests lbr tumblr sometimes gives me the wrong idea haha) and the reason I stay with ANY show is for the ships. If they kill him off for that surprise factor I am done.

Yes I do 100% agree with you and you have every right to be done with the show. Oh and yes! Tumblr gave me really high expectations for Bellarke when I first started watching lol. Ugh and I see a lot of people criticizing others saying, “It’s so stupid that people are going to stop watching just because *insert character* dies. Appreciate the show and realize it’s not about ships.* And that annoys me. People watch shows for different reasons whether that be for ship, the concept, or a character. You have your own reasons to stop watching the show and nobody else should judge you for that. If you feel like the show will not entertain you anymore because so or so dies, then you should stop watching it. And if people are going to get mad at you for that then screw them.

If Bellamy dies, I will 100% stop watching the show. I love his character so much because he is one of the most dynamic characters on the show. Spite what the Clexa fans think, I don’t want Lexa to die to make room for Bellarke. And that’s what the Flarke fans also thought about Finn’s death. In the end, I do still have hope that Bellarke will happen, that is as long as Bellamy stays alive. I don’t want Lexa to die so she can make room for Bellarke, but if I had to choose between Bellamy and Lexa to die, it will always be Lexa. I love Bellamy way too much as a character and he adds to the plot significantly and he always has. His character still has so much room to grow and I think the writers would be stupid to kill him off. If they do end up killing his character off for a shock factor, then they will lose the whole Bellarke fandom. That is a significant amount of fans. I don’t see a reason as to why they feel the need to kill him off but I don’t think any reason would suffice. Bellamy is and has been one of the most loved characters of the show and if he dies, half of the fandom is gone and I hope the writers realize that. If they kill Lexa off, I don’t blame Clexa fans for leaving either. It’s their choice and nobody should criticize them for doing so. 

My point is for people to please stop saying, “If you’re watching a show only for ships, you’re doing it wrong.” People watch the shows for their own reasons, so stop criticizing and judging people because they watch it for a different reason than you.

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I have depression and am failing one of my classes that is just so hard for me & I want to drop it and people keep on saying to try (I am but it's just too stressful). It's also because I am depressed and it's hard for me to concentrate on schoolwork when I'm trying to focus on my mental health. Do you think I should drop this one class so I can focus on myself? I'm doing fine in my other classes, but the one is a bit too much for me right now

YES drop that fucker you are important and your brain is too

Okay, so here's the plan:

We take Frank’s car, go round Gerard’s, go in, deal with Mikey - “Sorry, Mikey!” - go to Ray’s, pick him up, bring everyone to Disneyland, have a cup of coffee and wait for this whole thing to blow over.

Gerard tweets out of context #1/?


from dusk till dawndtd meme | [1/7] scenes: “everybody  b e  c o o l.”

Serendipity by *Nymre


There’s only one person in the world who can do as he pleases with me.

”…because the fans are so sure that Klaine exists, and a lot of fans think that Glee is a documentary.”


PLEASE LET ME JUST SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THIS OK. I AM SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF THESE STRAIGHT GIRLS SAYING SHIT LIKE THIS. Your boyfriend cheated on you, your boyfriend broke up with you yes that’s terrible. BUT PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T BELITTLE MY SEXUALITY. Lesbians have it so easy, right? Lesbians NEVER get cheated on and our relationships are all sunshine and giant fucking rainbows how could i have forgotten? Silly me. Lesbian and gay couples don’t go through abuse, they don’t have arguments. HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN. NEWSFLASH: SHITTY PEOPLE ARE SHITTY PEOPLE. Guy or girls or any identity people have the chance to be shitty people. Maybe its the shitty people you are chosing to date and you should reevaluate your self worth. Lets not even DARE state the fact that in this place i call home, IM NOT EVEN LEGAL. i can’t marry who i love, i can be refused so many opportunities for who i love. Every day i face these criticisms from not even the public and complete strangers but from my own family, from these people i’ve known since kindergarten. I can’t even begin to count how many people i’ve lost and how much I’ve had to sacrifice because of something i can’t control. Being gay is not a choice, being trans is not a choice, being bisexual and pansexual are not a choice. This is our way of life. And don’t you fucking dare belittle us.

My personality, eh?

You mean the same personality that hosts giveaways, that spends time giving information and answering people’s questions for free despite a ridiculously busy schedule, that gives people who order things free stones, that helps people find exactly what they’re looking for, that constantly thanks customers and supporters, that is forever grateful to everyone who has helped and mentions it often.. yes, obviously that’s bad for business. You’re so right.

OBVIOUSLY being a real person is bad for business, right? A real person with real feelings and real emotions who does not like being disrespected. A real person who doesn’t accept it when other people talk them down and say rude and disgusting things.. instead of just being a big corporation who doesn’t care at all about their customers. 

I am one person. I am one person dealing with A LOT. I am young, I make mistakes, I have SO many people counting on me, I’m under a ton of pressure, I’ve had an incredibly hard life, and I simply do not like being disrespected. If any of those things make you not want to buy from me, that’s fine. Then I don’t need your business.

But, I know that I am a good business woman who is fighting all the obstacles being thrown at her and beating the odds to be successful. My sales remind me of this, my store’s reviews remind me of this, my happy customers remind me of this, and all my supporters remind me of this.

I think what you really meant to say is “I don’t like it how I can’t just say whatever I want to you without you getting upset :/”

I don’t need your negativity. I’m doing just fine, thanks for being so concerned, though. I will never be ashamed of who I am. 

EXO Valentine's Day Reaction: Crush doesn't have a valentine

—Happy Valentines Day!—


D.O: What? No one asked her yet? How is that possible? Are these people stupid?


Tao: WOOO- *chokes* This is my chance. How can she say no?


Sehun: *happy but teasing* It’s not that you weren’t asked, you were just waiting for me to, right?


Kai: What you don’t have a Valentine? Really? Well that’s good… cause I got you something. *worried*


Baekhyun: You don’t have a valentine? Yes you do. IT’S ME. <3 <3 <3


Chen: A~ You’re lying. Wait really? Well in that case- *fail*


Lay: What am I supposed to do? How can you expect me just to ask her something like that?


Suho: *tries to ask you to be his Valentine but gets too shy*


Xiumin: *shocked* 




Chanyeol: Would you like to be my valentine?


Luhan: Really? Luhan, Luhan, Luhan. That’s the name of your valentine.

Okay, this takes some explaining…

Herzspalter has been reading really horrible fanfics as a stream.  I’ve loved every freaking minute of it!  Right now we’re listening to a bunch of supposedly Garfield (yes, the cat) fics.  I can’t describe them.  Let’s just say I was unaware Jon was a ninja and that Garfield had such a way with the ladies.

So here’s to Herzspalter - thank you for making me nearly choke to death twice and just about pee myself at least once.

Also for Kaotiskplatonisk, who I believe said actually wanted to see me do this.

Now it’s 3 AM and I’m going to bed before I hurt myself.

I am, as of today, engaged to be married

My proposal to wayofthewarrior was possibly the least romantic proposal in the history of ever, but she did say yes, so I must have done something right. So yes, my beta, Jaeger co-pilot and soulmate is now also my fiancé and wife to be. Our relationship is entirely without a sexual component, but it has all the romance and cuddling I’ll ever need. So yeah. Engaged! Whoop!

And Ludde, you are only allowed to say “I told you so” on the wedding, not before that ;)


"Please Arabella? Please? There is no way I can make it to that parent teacher conference this afternoon. I am overloaded with work right now.”

Theodore glances back at Eleanor and smiles reassuringly.

"Yes, I know she’s my daughter," he continues. "But can’t you just cancel it? Or reschedule your meeting?"

"…No, I’m not saying that my obligations are more important than yours, but it’s just a client interview. I’m sure they’d understand if-“

"…Hello? Arabella, are you there?"

Coming up behind him, Eleanor wraps her bony arms around his chest and grins excitedly.”So? She agreed to go in your place?”

"Not exactly," Theo replies with a heavy sigh. "I need to run by Lila’s school and speak with her teacher, but I can keep it short. We’ll be in and out in no time."

"Oh, how romantic," she snaps irritably. "The first time I’ve seen you all week, and you take me on a date to your daughter’s elementary school. I used to wonder how a catch like you managed to stay single so long after your wife left, but now I understand. All you care about is work and family."

Theodore shrugs. “So you don’t want to come?”

"No, no!" she exclaims in a shrill voice. "By all means. Lets go."

Any Olicity shipper who dares to hate on Felicity may jump off the ship right now. Yes I am sad, yes I am bit angry as well but every single decision she makes has good reasons. She spent two years pinning after Oliver and if I remember correctly, she went on a date with him without second thoughts when saying yes. She was all in from the beginning. Oliver backed out.

And can someone just point me out the moment in season 3 after Oliver’s return, when he said that he wants to start romantic relationship with her? Exactly. He didn’t. He loves her but he’s still not ready, he can’t risk her safety or their friendship. And he’s simply not there yet. That personality fight he’s having is in its peak right now, of course he’s not gonna be ready for relationship.

My point is, Felicity doesn’t really have a choice here. She’s just trying to move on from him. And if by dating someone else is the way to do it, then why not? It’s not like she’s turning Oliver down considering he didn’t do anything about it in the first place.

So if you’re in this ship, you’re in it completely. No hating on characters please. And if you already must blame someone, blame Oliver. He keeps screwing up for God’s sakes but since he’s puppy Oliver, it’s hard to resent him. At least for me.

Just burns my biscuits………….

Been pondering this and rolling it around in my mind for most of the day….why did a really great friend delete her twitter account. And when I found out why….well let’s just say this sums up how I felt about it:

To learn that what I am now calling so called friends kept sending a bunch of rubbish her way & telling her that RK were over….IMO a friend it does not make you instead it makes you a grade A twat. Yes that’s right a twat. No true friend would do something like that….ever. Let’s say that I was truly gobsmacked to learn that all they are doing bringing a load of tosh over because they obviously have nothing better to do. 

Thus I have learned that 

Me….what you see is what you get. I am nothing special….just an ordinary person who loves life and people. I get up go to work, stay home a lot, read, watch movies, do laundry, and all those other things like others. I have nothing to hide or any ulterior motives….period.

If I have said this once, I’ve said it many times….I don’t have this tumblr blog…..share my thoughts… gather tons of friends or expect anyone to really like what I am saying. I am just me….these are my thoughts…..and I release them because if I don’t they bug the crap out of me. I know people don’t like what I say all the time or even share my point of view…..totally cool with that cause there are lots of things I disagree with….but I don’t go out of my way to make others feel like crap for it either. 

I am honored that you guys take the time to stop & read what I have posted. And I thank all of you who do that. 

Anywhoodles…….this post came about because of what I found out about a dear friend……..and thus, I just had to get it off my chest!!! 

My two cents on the Korrasami "argument"

Just a thing that has been going around that is bugging me is that Korrasami is unhealthy because Asami yelled at Korra for being away. Somehow this makes Asami terrible? 

Now, yes Korra, without a doubt, needed those three years to herself and did not have to apologize for it; so lets get that out there right away. I am in no way saying that she has to or anything along those lines. 

However, Asami is allowed to be upset about it. To the people who are shoving this “argument” in K/S shippers faces: have you ever actually dealt with real people or? If someone you love very much just disappears for three years with nothing but one (that we know of) letter, then yeah that makes you upset. Asami wasn’t angry at Korra for being away, she wasn’t trying to force Korra into an apology, she was just sad. At the end of the day Asami is human and I do not believe that it should be a bad thing she was upset by Korra’s absence? Just because someone has a mental illness it does not mean that a person cannot be upset about them not being around (especially for as long as Korra was gone). As for the yelling, as most people could probably relate, when you feel so upset about something it can build up until it comes out as a yell. But this does not make Asami a bad person, and it certainly does not make Korrasami an unhealthy relationship (also they like to forget that Mako got mad at Korra for not writing to him???). 

Also, Korra did not “back down” to Asami and I really believe that this is just a foolish interpretation that people use as an excuse to belittle Korrasami, rather than actually caring about Korra. The first thing is that it is a delicate and complicated situation. To add onto this, any other time in the past she has yelled at a significant other it blows up in her face (can thank Mako for that one). It is a mark of maturity to try and reason or help someone who is upset rather than to yell. It needs to be understood that people grow up. I am certainly not as outspoken as I was when I was 15 or 16, I learned how to be mature in situations that needed it, and I think that holds true for Korra and, you know, most other people.