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art and monetization

so, i got a fanmail earlier (which i couldn’t answer, since for some reason now tumblr won’t let me answer them) asking how to sell your art to more than just your friends. it’s a good question and one i get a lot, but one i don’t actually feel properly equipped to answer, particularly since i think a lot of you think i’m doing better than i actually am.

i have a pretty large following, all things considered. i’m constantly astounded by and grateful for the number of people who love my art. but i have a lot of trouble trying to turn that into a means of financially supporting myself. i take freelance jobs and i make do, but what i really want is to be able to support myself by my own work – that’s why you might have noticed me pushing my patreon a little more aggressively than usual lately.

i post my art up for free and i love doing it but sometimes i wonder if what i’m doing is a little unhealthy. i’ve definitely noticed that i have hang ups about money and hang ups about asking for money.  it’s easier when it’s for a specific product and the money acts as a direct transaction – the monster pop! kickstarter that just ended, products in my store, my music, etc – but sometimes i just sit here and wonder what i’m doing with my life and how i can have any self respect when i have to keep plugging myself and my art in the off chance people will support me just so i can afford to pay my bills. 

i’m so used to producing content for free that even though i need the money in order to continue being able to make that free content, i feel guilty having to advertise that i need it.  it’s a horrible, deadly, vicious cycle and one i think a lot of today’s artists are feeling the weight of. it’s also really difficult to not equate your worth as an artist or as a human being to your financial situation in this line of work and that is really, insanely unhealthy.

i’m lucky enough to have wonderful fans who want to support me and don’t make vicious comments when i plug my patreon for the 5000th time, but i know a lot of artists aren’t so lucky. trying to make a living through art is terrifying, even more so without a studio job. the lack of stability can often be debilitating and it’s a very vulnerable place to put myself in because not only am i depending on a mass of strangers for my income, there’s no guarantee of continuity and i can never assume that i’ll do as well one month as i did another. it very often feels like an uphill battle with terror and exhaustion, but i love making art and i love what i do and i don’t know what else i could do.

this is a lot longer than i originally intended and not a very encouraging post, so i’m sorry for that. i’m at a particularly volatile and vulnerable part of my career where i’m trying to shift away from client work and more towards my own personal work but my exterior – response to my work, number of fans, etc – doesn’t really properly reflect how i’m doing financially.

I have not posted anything in a month because my girlfriend was in town. I dropped her off at the airport yesterday and am very sad. Not feeling super great about myself right now but I want to work on that. So I’m gonna draw more to make myself feel productive, and focus on the people I love, and have patients with myself and the hearts around me. But for right now I just feel a little to sad to do much of anything. I did this little flowery doodle a long time ago and it makes me happy.

If I have ever made you feel ignored or anything, I am really sorry.

I have a few people I message off and on here, and only like, three people I feel I can talk to about anything.

I also have really bad anxiety and depression, and sometimes life is just… too much, so I need to step away from stuff. Especially lately, and I have been getting some anon hate about not posting sad things here, and non-anon hate about not posting sad things on my personal Facebook. It is really hard to deal when I don’t have a safe space to vent.

It is never, ever, ever you when I take time to respond. It is always me.

i just saw a post that was like ‘its that time of the semester where u start to worry about ur grades but its too late’ and i just :) am really really rEALLY proud of myself for not being able to relate to that, I feel so. prepared. and happy uwu

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Aw but it’s so much more fun to torture them while they’re alive, Doc.

In death they might find peace. But alive…

Oh alive is where the fun is.

icekitsune714 asked:

I'm actually new to the fandom, do you know of sites or author you would recommend regarding hurt!bucky? I was actually in a mood for fics in the scenario where post WS Bucky gets hurt while the avengers watch helplessly. Do you know of any that sound like that?

Hey there!

First of all, I’m so sorry for the super late reply, I was/am in the hospital and wasn’t in any position to answer, really sorry about that.

Second, welcome to the fandom! \o/

Here are some authors that I know of that write a lot of h/c Bucky:

camwolfe, caughtinanocean, iainkillsrobots, Kellyscams and Paraxdisepink

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot, but I think I will tag the fanfiction posts with the authors from now on (and go back to older posts to tag them) so that you can go through authors on here too, hope that helps a bit more.

These are the only fics that I could find and that I’ve read that have a similiar scenario to what you were describing.

By Choice or By Habit - This one has Bucky getting hurt with a lot of the Avengers there at the scene and also the aftermath with the team is pretty great!

Collateral Damage - Also Bucky getting hurt with part of the team there, still really good!

Kingdom Come - This one has some Avengers and some of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents at the scene.

When the Sun Sets on Dark Silhouettes - This one is an AU, but has great hurt Bucky and a team trying to rescue him.

I hope you will enjoy these fics and again welcome to the fandom~

anonymous asked:

Hello! Thank you for all the fabulous Pros posts. I was wondering if Daily Pros has the classic LC poster, with hand in shirt, Napoleonic style? *g* ..I haven't seen it around lately.

Hello and thank you, I am really glad that you enjoy this tumblr!

And I think I know the picture you mean, I can’t find it at the moment but I’ll have a look back though my pictures and post it if I find it.

Of course if any dailypros followers have the picture and are happy to share please feel free to submit it (just follow this link, change the drop down menu to photo, add the pic and submit) and I’ll get it posted for everyone to see.

*waves goodbye*


like i could resist after that otp filler? of course not~ this is what happened and you can’t convince me the otherwise lol 

this short comic is dedicated to rboz, i hope it makes you feel better~


oh my god indulgent au post alert 

so earlier today i started laughing because i imagined thorin as a pirate with a wooden leg, dubbed thorin oakenleg (har har har), and maybe it got munched off by a great white shark called azog (which i also thought was funny because i don’t know any better) and idk this is all so corny  i’m sorry @_@ but i still drew some of them in in pirate-y clothes anyways.

but really!! why are there no pirate aus! i mean both pirates and dwarves love gold, right. and bilbo can be a LANDLUBBER with an embarrassingly bad case of seasickness. because things can’t be easy for the guy. 


i think it’s time to get some of those boxy rectangular pillows because my current pillows have to be at least 80% gross dust and dead skin by now