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You, Me, and Xe - Points of View

So everyone should know what a Point of View (POV) is. It’s how the story is written, who’s telling it. There are three different POVs, and they are as follows: first, second, and third. Easy, right? If you can count to three, you know your POVs.

First Person

This is when your story is written using I and Me.

Example: “I went to the store today, but the lines were so long that I ended up punching some dude in the face.”


  • First person is very good at getting the reader to identify with the character quickly.
  • The reader can easily see the main character’s thoughts and feelings.
  • Many writers find first person very easy to write. After all, you spend most of your life speaking in first person, so you’ve got plenty of practice.


  • You’re restricted to only what your viewpoint character knows.
  • The mirror cliché. If you plan on having your main character describe herself, it’s going to be awfully hard to come up with something that isn’t the mirror cliché.
  • First person can seem gimmicky if not done well.
  • You have to be careful about not starting too many sentences with the word “I”.
  • If your main character doesn’t have a distinctive voice, the narration will fall flat.

Extra Stuff:

  • Narrators can be unreliable. Personally, I like this. While writing Thief, I experimented with first person POV, and I made my main character unreliable. However, first person didn’t really work out for me, so I ended up going with third.
  • Don’t use first person if you have multiple viewpoint characters. Third is much better suited for that. While it can be done, it’s often very awkward.

Second Person

This is when your story addresses the reader using You. Honestly, I’ve never seen it used outside those Choose Your Own Adventure stories that used to be popular when I was a kid.

Example: “You aren’t going to send this blog anonymous hate because you’re a good person.”

I’m not going to get into second person because it’s so uncommon outside of novelty stories, and I can’t say I have much of an opinion about it. I even used Google to try and find some, but there were only a handful out there, and I’ve never heard of any of them.

Third Person Omniscient

This is when your story is told by some unnamed narrator and uses Him and Her.

Example: “Mabel went to go get lemonade. Also, that hobo, whom she has never met, really likes puppies.”


  • Having multiple viewpoint characters is easy.
  • Describing scenes is easier. (This one might just be me, but it always seemed weird to me when the narrator of a first person POV novel randomly starts describing the intricate details of a wood carving.)
  • Exposition is easy to write.


  • Some books require an intimacy that’s only gotten through first person.
  • It’s easy to go overboard with the exposition if you’re not careful.

Third Person Limited

This is when your narrator knows only what the main character knows. It’s almost like a meeting ground between third omniscient and first..

Example: “Mabel doesn’t like hobos, so she walks on the opposite side of the street.”


  • You get both intimacy with the characters and perspective.


  • Keeping the POV consistent can be tricky. You need to constantly check and make sure you’re not slipping into third omniscient.

That’s about all I can think of about this subject. Really, it comes down to what you’re comfortable writing. Some people are really awesome at writing first person, some are really awesome at third person. If you’re not very good at one of them, you can get better. It just requires time and effort to practice.

Just wanna say this, make sure to never forget that Allah always love you.

He sends subtle messages to remind us to take care of ourselves from little things in life.

We just gotta open our eyes wider, settle our heart at times, take a moment to think.

The world is created with thorns and storms raging in and out of our lives.

And Allah never neglect us, because He always promises the faint smell of roses and the faint beam of light from the sky.

l lawliet - silence

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Reasons Farscape is the Best Show Ever #16

Young!John: Karen Shaw, right? The name’s John Crichton.

His mind shifts and he’s not Gilbert anymore but James listening to Anne speak and though he remembers his lines and kisses her properly, he knows he’s crossed a very dangerous line. (acting methods)


Alexander Siddig in Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

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Season Eight, Episode Twelve - Death in Heaven

A beautiful speech on identity and love

  • Person:Wow, you've lost some weight! You look really good, how did you do it?
  • Me:Well, it's about that time of year when this crippling anxiety settles in my stomach because of grades, extra-curricular, college, and my future, but this year it's gotten so bad that I can't tell if I'm actually hungry or just really anxious all the time! This has allowed me to go through one, two, even three days at a time without eating anything and not even realize it!
  • Person:That's... that's really unhealthy.
  • Me:I know! But with everyone around me constantly telling me I look good and healthy because of my weight loss, it can be difficult to remember that sometimes!

just gonna lay on the couch, eat pizza, and watch shameless all night bc i don’t have the motivation or skills to do anything else

I deal with people at less than their best everyday. It is my job. I’m a physical therapy technician. So when people have major orthopedic surgery, and less than 12 hours later they’re expected to get up and move, I’m one of the people they send in to do it. 

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It’s time to stand up for myself. I am NOT some second choice. I am NOT someone you can ignore until you want someone to use. And mostly I am NOT going to sit around and watch you destroy everything I’ve built just because you want me to! I have morals, I am a person and I demand respect! I will not be apart of your fucked up routine game anymore. You’re disgusting.

girl at home is such an important song and pbththbth i wish it was one of her more well known ones bc everyones always like tswift is always throwing other women under a bus bc one time her boyfriend cheated on her and she wrote better than revenge and she called someone a cheerleader so clearly she hates other women and meanwhile like?? girl @ home is literally about the same situation where a guy is tryna run around behind his girls back and shes just like yo. youve got a girl waiting for you at home put your dick away