The Kind Of Love

Sometimes I forget that you aren’t completely like me.

Sometimes I forget that you don’t express love and emotion the same way as me. 

So I smother you with my affection and adoration, only to have you remain cool, calm and steady. 

But then you take those few seconds out of the moment to remind me that indeed you do love me and you love me no matter what. 

That is the kind of love I’m searching for. 

The one like this. The love between you and I; the love where no matter what, the love is there and it is strong and it is unbreakable. unmoved. untouched by outsiders and window passers. The unshakable bond formed between two people who know that through rain or shine, they will have each other. The bond of sisterhood. 

I love you, sis. 


alyssasara18 asked:

I fucking adore you & your comments. makes my day. lmao<3

:D Man, we should talk on the phone sometime. I’m starting a badass job soon with good pay. Still no phone, it’s why I’ve never been able to text you.. your number is still in my messages lol. So i’ll be letting you know though.

Messy Me

I just know that the second I let my walls down, I’m gonna crash into you, harder than you’ll be ready for. You set my heart on fire and the second I step away from the flame, it’ll burst into a wild fire, burning everything down.

So they wonder why I don’t just ‘let go’ and ‘go with the flow’ but what they don’t understand is that,

If I let go, I’ll be letting go of years of practice at keeping my heart on lock down. And that, will be very messy. Very messy indeed. 

alyssasara18 asked:

lol your comment on my picture. dude we need to meet one day. justsayin'

Soon as I get another car I am going on a few road trips, spaced apart yeah but.. Florida isn’t far from Texas. I wouldn’t mind. Would just need to know where I’d be going, how long, which hotel or where i’d be chillin, where i’m gunna take you out to eat, where were gunna go hang around at, take pictures. ETC.. haha xD