thefuntrain asked:

Ship: Louis Tomlinson!


Best Friend: Eleanor

Where you’ll meet: Concert

First Date: a week long vacation in the carribbean 

Where you’ll be married: Paris

Where you’ll live: Australia

House: Penthouse

Song: More Than This - 1D

Kids: 0 :(

Message me a ♥ and I’ll do the above


What is love? Can we touch it, hold it, bottle it up? Think of how well that would sell “Love in a Bottle”, because everyone wants it. In every good fiction there is that love potion, cupid, spell, something-but it is never really real, never TRUE, because it is not something you can give. If you dissect a brain, open it up, and look inside, you will see nothing. There will be blood and tissue and nothing more. The brain works by a set of nerves, sending impulses, instructions, flowing through the brain. But where is thought? What is it? You can’t touch it, see it, it’s not there among the blood and tissue. Thought is a bunch of nerves impulses and chemicals. THAT, nerves and chemicals, is what makes us human, that thought and emotion. Human kind is completely consumed and entirely controlled by something that doesn’t even exist. You can’t touch it, hold it, but we are run by emotions, thoughts, love. People jump in front of speeding bullets, spend endless amounts of money, write songs, cry, laugh, wage wars, make peace, and everything in between. It runs us and our lives and who we are, and it doesn’t even exist. It is not tangible, not sellable, it isn’t even truly there and it defines us to all ends. It separates us from the heroes to the psychopaths, makes us strong or weak, good or bad, left or right, true or fake, it runs everything about us and it doesn’t even truly exist. Doesn’t that scare you?