always a better day

Things that will always make my day instantly better:

-Receiving a letter/postcard/package from a friend in the mail

-Being told: I saw this and I thought of you

-Getting to pet a dog

-Listening to a new album from a favourite band

-Text from a far away friend saying: I miss you


Absolute Validation

Pairing: Shaun x Reader
Word Count: 1160ish (Probably way more than that now. Whoops.)
Summary: Your struggle with Shaun comes to a satisfying conclusion, and he shares a confession of his own.
Song Rec: “Dance Inside’ - All-American Rejects
A/N: Part Four of Four. This picks up immediately where Part 3 left off. It is NSFW
It contains sexual intercourse, explicit references to masturbation, and one of Shaun’s more embarrassing moments.

Part One: An Accidental Epiphany
Part Two: Prolonged Provocation
Part Three: Teasing Out the Truth

She held onto Shaun’s shoulders as she eased off of him slowly. She sighed as his cock slid out of her; Shaun groaned as it fell against his stomach with a thud. She raked an appreciative gaze over his naked body before turning to the ropes at his wrists. She slipped her fingers inside the bindings and tugged on the ropes in a particular spot. They immediately came undone, sliding off of his wrists and onto the ground. She smirked and settled back onto his lap as he quickly shrugged out of his shirt and tossed it aside.

“It’s not a useless skill,” she said.

Shaun wrapped his arms around her and teased playfully, “I’m still not convinced. We may need to do some additional experimentation.” He grinned and kissed her hungrily.

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I always feel better on days when I go to the gym, and yet going there is something I struggle with daily. It’s more than “Wah I don’t wanna”. It’s a lot more. But I’m going to just enjoy the moment, and enjoy feeling good.

I always go to bed hoping that I’ll wake up feeling better, but day in and day out, I’m just constantly between disappointed and dissatisfied.

I’ve been feeling like this a lot lately, and I’m not sure what to do about it.


riku week
 ↳day one // favorite appearance

I have to face one of the Organization’s member’s soon. I might not survive the fight. And if I do, it might be because I gave in to the darkness.

ollivander asked:

ok mollyhall there is a good chance i may have found?? ur soulmate??? or at least a male doppelganger. either way he seems pretty cool yanno? [look up tumblr user skittle-skattle]

it’s very sweet that you’re looking out for me but while i’m absolutely certain that tumblr user skittle-skattle is a wonderful person, a cursory glance indicates that he is hawks fan. i cannot in good conscience date a hawks fan. it is 100% cold hard fact that pens fans & hawks fans are among the most unbearable types of hockey fan; as a pens fan, i HAVE to be the most unbearable sports fan in the family. a hawks fan would give me a run for my money. like we’re about tied. it would be awful. our house would always smell of garbage, for no reason except that we would both be living in it.

also we’d have to break up every time one of our teams won the cup and that would be frankly exhausting.

What the signs are good at

Aries: you are good at noticing the sudden mood change of a person, you notice the little things. 

Taurus: your mere presence makes someone feel worthy, beautiful. You know exactly how to comfort someone without even thinking about it.   

Gemini: you know how to make people smile, whether its just to tell a joke or make someone feel better, you always have the perfect solution to brighten someones day. 

Cancer: you make people feel confident, you give them a boost just when they need it. Thank you. 

Leo: Your are so easygoing and accepting, people are able to let everything go around you. 

Virgo: Your strong, and when others are weak you lend them some of your strength until we’re able to walk again. I love youu. 

Libra: you’re adorable, you’re sometimes quirky and funny, it never fails to make someone laugh. :) 

Scorpio: trusting you is one of the easiest things that has ever come to me, you make others feel welcome and teach us to enjoy what really mattes. 

Sagittarius: your humor is attractive. Laughing is always a party with you, you make others feel important. 

Capricorn: Determination is so very attractive, you wear it well. You know  what you want and wont stop until its in your grasp, you inspire so many people. 

Aquarius: You know how to make a person open up. I know that if i ever crave a deep conversation i can always enlighten you with whatever is troubling me. Thank you for always listening. 

Pisces: You are emotional, its easy for people to let down their walls around you, we’re no longer afraid of being judged. 


anonymous asked:

hey bjtb, ive had a kinda crummy day, i don't suppose i could trouble you with some headcanons on a time when percy ALMOST told annabeth how he felt about her but chickened out? Doesn't particularly matter to me if it's canonverse or some AU. Sorry to impose on you, feel free to just ignore if you're not feeling the funky flow.

Anon, you sent this like 3 weeks ago and for that I am so so sorry. But I’m here now, and hopefully it will retroactively make your day better.

  • Percy had always known that his relationship with Annabeth was a strong one 
  • he never doubted that they were each other’s best friend and he never doubted that he could trust her completely 
  • he felt at home whenever he was with her and it gave him a warm feeling in his gut that he couldn’t quite explain 
  • those 3 words first came to him when he saw her looking sick from the poisoned knife she had taken for him 
  • he wanted so badly in that moment to pour his heart out to her; to tell her everything she meant to him but it just didn’t feel like the right time 
  • he wanted to tell her how he felt when they weren’t about to die
  • but then he remembers his life 
  • the demigod life; the kind of life that means they are always about to die 
  • but those three words still won’t come out
  • because he’s not ready and because he knows the weight those words carry, especially for Annabeth 
  • it is not a word that slips recklessly off of her tongue because she knows what empty i-love-yous feel like and he would hate himself if he ever made her feel that way 
  • he wants to be sure of the words; he wants her to know that when he gives her those words he is giving her his heart too 
  • so those 3 words stay stuck in his throat 
  • instead, he offers her what he has to give– his mortality  
  • he tells her his Achilles spot, handing over the key to his destruction knowing full well that she will take that key and hide it until her last day 
  • because that’s what love is 

Hey guys ! 

I just wanna thank you so much for 500K followers !

First of all , thats a huge amount of people thats following me and I am so glad for all you guys for that !

And secondly , I want to thank you guys for all the sweet messages that you send me everyday and that always makes my day better and inspire me to express my thoughts more through pictures !

Thirdly , you guys helped me to be someone who can help others who are not around me from all around the world . I’m also happy to share the beauty of nature with all of you and even inspirational quotes ^^ 

All I want to say is THANK YOU and I hope that my blog will continue to help you to  express your emotions , be happy , inspire others as well as myself more :)

I hope you will continue to have a dream like the summer days and making that dream come true :)

Have an awesome day and stay happy always xx 

Love you all <3 <3 <3

well its official i survived my first year of college :’) and now that im on summer break i wanted to make a follow forever (accompanied by a terrible edit) just to say a quick thanks for putting up with me :~) ive been on tumblr for 3 years now and ive made some fab friends so this one is for you guys!

first things first: my homies

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you are the wildest bunch of people i know and i love spending my time talking to you guys. you guys never fail to make my day better and i always laugh out loud reading our insane messages. i absolutely LOVE how extra we are all the time and if i ever fight you guys just know that i dont mean it - unless i fight aileen or ada :-)

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Posting it Forward

Hey there you, person. It may take a tad bit longer than you wish, but things will get better. There is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel, and there is ALWAYS a hope. There will ALWAYS be a better day. But to appreciate the beauty of that better day you have to suffer through the bad ones. There may be a ton of them, but I pinkie promise you that they won’t all be bad.

In the words of Christina Perri, “I have been where you are before. And I have felt the pain of losing who you are. And I have died so many times, but I am still alive.” 

Happy Birthday, Mom.

Thanks for your words.

Thanks for your voice.

Thanks for always being there.

Thanks for inspiring me each day to be a better person.

Thanks for teaching me to always do things on my own terms.

Thanks for being such a strong woman.

Thanks for being honest and never being ashamed of any of your truth.

Thanks for telling me to come out of the darkness time and time again.

Thanks for being you.

for everyone who became a madridista in a year or so i want to tell you, this is football. sometimes you win sometimes you lose but you always learn. maybe we were acustomed of winning and winning but that’s not how football works. you are lucky you got to witness the best year in the history of the club, you saw real madrid conquering la decima after 12 years, and most important, you got to see a very united club and i just want to say football always gives revenge ALWAYS, let’s not lose illusion but stand with the team, better days will come, better seasons will come and most important, WE will come back stronger