Sound upgrade of a track produced by A-lusion in 2009.
New mixing, reversed bass and kicks.
Original version can be downloaded here:

This track is downloadable for free as a thank you for your support in 2012!
Copyright A-lusion / Scantraxx

This song was re-uploaded to the full DJ version. Because of this some of the comments have been moved and might be timed a bit strange now.

El viento de tu voz
sopla en el desierto
gratos efluvios
acarician mi faz

Por mi ser recorre
la mas excitante sensación
cada grieta mascullante
que se abre y se cierra 
me confunde, pero tambien
me aturde sin compasión

Es algo fuera de este mundo
porque, sin estar presente
puedo evocar su dulce vendaval
en todo momento y lugar
haciendo que pierda el control
por semejante mujer



anonymous said:

Well, actually Korra says it was "couple of months", when she was talking about book 1... I think book 2 and 3 lasted 2 months each, tops... So the whole story happened in less then a year. She started with 10 and now She's eleven. Korra's story happens fast, as an alusion to modern world and the fast-paced lifes we all have. xx

yeah, so it’s been about 10 months since the beginning of book 1. Jinora is definitely only 11. 

lol see there were a lot of alusions to eleven being ~~clara’s boyfriend~~ (a dozen too many at times tbh) but that scene in the restaurant is the most couple-y clara’s been with the doctor so far to me.

brilliantfantasticgeronimo replied to your post “thoughts on the new dw ep”

lol starx asking clara to take her clothes off and presumably ‘eyeing her up’ at some point with the thingy like….why is it…always nescessary to have this alusions to clara as naked….it’s creepy and out of place

like we already had an episode of eleven rubbing his hands up clara’s naked body

it’s gross and shows moffat has some weird obsession that needs to stop

Gotta write tomorrow… even if it happens to be either Dirt or The Mad Queen of Alusion (formly known as Fan Girl) . Though I am leaning toward the later.  THIS DOES NOT MEAN I AM ABANDONING DIRT. Contrary I am just trying to give my brain ample rest so I don’t get frustrated and ditch it.  And after an odd dream recently, suddenly the story just poured into my head. So might as well give it its due because if not..god knows what may happen…


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Mercenarios 3 - Soy el novio de la muerte

Soy un novio de la muerte que va a unirse en lazo fuerte con tan leal compañera …. El Himno de la Legion española… en MERCENARIOS 3, by Antonio Banderas

SI, has oido bien jejejeje . Antonio Banderas, el actor español que participa en MERCENARIOS 3 (la tercera parte de la franquicia de los dinosaurios de peliciculas de accion jejejeje) hace alusion a LA LEGION en una escena de la pelicula… incluso se marca un bailecito y todo jejejeje (a cuadros me quede)